The domestic game “Driving Test Simulator” is on Steam: Including Subject Two and Subject Three

Subject two and subject three are a nightmare for many people, not only testing skills, but also a harsher test of psychological quality.

Now, a domestic game “Driving Test Simulator” is on Steam and will be officially released on January 1, 2022.

The game contains test exercises and simulations for subject two subjects and three road tests, and AI is added to simulate other test vehicles and social vehicles, presenting players with a real driving test examination room.

The developer stated that the game is based on the author’s bumpy driving test experience in Xifu Town, Qingdao.

The following is an introduction to the game:

Driving test simulation

Whether you are an old driver who already has a driver’s license, or a driver who is still learning, the driving test simulator will provide you with the most comprehensive driving test simulation. A complete experience of subject two and subject three. Help you understand and familiarize yourself with the rules, content and process of the driving test.

Real examination room

For the driving test test center, the route is based on the Qingdao Xifu town test center as a reference, and the driving test rules are used as the standard. AI is added to simulate other test vehicles and social vehicles to present a real driving test test center for players to simulate and practice.

Subject two

The game contains exercises and simulations for the four subjects of the second road test (reversing into the library, parking on the side, driving in a curve, and turning at a right angle). And provide tutorials to help players look at the points and familiarize themselves with the exam content and process sequence. The scale of the examination room, the vehicle, and the marginal line are all made with reference to the examination room and driving test regulations of Qingdao Xifu Town.

Subject Three

The game contains exercises and simulations in the examination room for subject three of the automatic transmission. The route of the examination room and the sequence of the items are all based on my subject three examination experience and practice in Qingdao Xifu Town as a reference, combined with the driving test regulations. Provide reference for players and trainees to help players understand and familiarize themselves with the test content of subject three.

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