Electric hypercar Deus Vayanne promises 2200 horsepower

Deus, a new electric vehicle startup, is scheduled to produce only 99 of the electric hypercar named Vayanne, which is exhibited in New York, and will be delivered in 2025.

At the New York Auto Show, electric vehicle initiatives that we have not heard of, besides well-known brands, are also appearing. One of them, Deus , lifted the veil on its electric hypercar.

The vehicle, called Deus Vayanne, is currently described as a production-oriented concept. Vayanne; Developed in collaboration with Austria-based Deus, Williams Advanced Engineering and Italdesign. The production of the model, which is planned to start in 2025, will be limited to 99 units.

It has not been announced how many electric motors there are in the vehicle, which draws attention especially with its rear design, but the claimed values ​​are quite high. Accordingly, it is predicted that the model in question will offer 2200 horsepower and 2000 Nm of torque. In addition to these values, 0-100 km/h data of 1.99 seconds and a maximum speed of 400 km/h are also mentioned, but these are the predicted values ​​just like the previous ones.

In addition to the anticipated performance data, it is stated that practical use is given importance in the design of Deus Vayanne. It is stated that the model, which has a height of 12 cm from the ground, can be used comfortably on the roads. It is also among the information given that it will have sufficient storage space in the interior. The front and rear design of the electric hypercar was inspired by the infinity sign. The rear design does not remind us a bit of Lotus Evija.

The interior features a dual-tone design with bright orange details. Just behind the three-spoke steering wheel, the digital display screen stands out. In the middle, a large center screen is used embedded in the console. The physical buttons located just below it are somewhat reminiscent of airplane controls and we can say that it does not suit this digital console.

As we mentioned above, Deus Vayanne is still a concept close to production. At this point, there may be minor changes in the future.

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