Genesis X Speedium Coupe hints at the upcoming models of the brand

Genesis, which plans to sell only electric vehicles by 2030, continues to give clues about the electric models it will release in the coming period. The company is here with a new concept this time.

Genesis introduced a new concept that hints at the design it will use in its future electric vehicles. We can say that the work called  Genesis X Speedium Coupe Concept is an evolution of the Genesis X concept, whose cover was removed last year.

It is stated that the concept in question shows the brand’s design philosophy called ‘Athletic Elegans’ in a more innovative way. Instead of the large louver in the Genesis X concept, this work features a completely closed panel. The LED strips at the front also surround this area, creating a shape reminiscent of that familiar louver from the Genesis.

When we look at the concept from the profile, we see a shooting brake style silhouette with a long front hood and sloping roof line. The LED strips at the front continue all the way to the front fender. In addition to the wide fenders, we can see the cooled brake discs and yellow calipers among the large wheels. At the rear, there are double-band LED lights, a ducktail-style spoiler and a large diffuser. On the spoiler, we see that brake lights in the form of LED strips are placed.

Genesis aims to launch its last internal combustion engine vehicle in 2025 and become an all-electric brand by 2030. If we look at this work, we will see some very interesting models from Genesis in the future.


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