What are the features of Discord?

Nowadays, Discord is “The Reference” in terms of instant messaging. This is made possible thanks to its multiple functionalities, which gives access to quality communication between friends, easy sharing within a community, etc. This platform originally designed for the community of streamers, is becoming more and more present in the world of work, which is not unpleasant. If you are thinking of getting into streaming, find out in the rest of this article everything you need to know about its different features, its servers as well as the discord streamer mode !

Discord software overview

The Discord software was created in 2015 , serving as an instant messenger, free and available on MacOS, Windows, iOS and Android. Initially developed for gamers, Discord stands out from the crowd and stands out thanks to the versatility of the services presented and does not envy its predecessors Mumble or TeamSpeak, which are the main references of the 2000s, in terms of voice communication by servers. Today, Discord is becoming an essential element of the world of online exchanges, whether for its simplicity or its free use , this makes it essential. Another important advantage of this tool is the fact that you can very well use it in its web version, without being inthe obligation to download it.

Since COVID-19, Discord has stood out even more than before, as an effective tool for communicating, especially for teleworking.

What are the features of Discord?

As mentioned above, Discord has grown enormously in popularity in recent years, thanks to its user -friendly features , namely:

Instant communication

Communication is one of the key elements of the Discord ecosystem, in fact, its instant messaging allows its users to start live discussions, individually or in groups, send emojis, attachments, and all kinds of Animated GIF.

Video calls, voice calls, and screen sharing are all part of the features found on the software , making your communications unbeatably simple.

Discord puts a lot of emphasis on the community, so if you join it, you will surely be invited to add friends from your contact list.

Servers: the central point of the software

The power of Discord lies in the efficiency of its servers : it is a space that brings together users who all share the same interests , for example, who work on a common project or play the same video games. Today, the number of servers is exploding! It is therefore impossible for you not to find the one that suits you! you can join the public server of your choice , but of course, by first creating your personal account.

How do I use and activate Discord Streamer Mode?

Let’s start by explaining what it is by talking about the mode: “ Discord Streamer” . When you broadcast the games you’re playing, and everything that happens on your screen also appears on the screens of the people watching you, know that it’s not just your games that will be broadcast. In other words, additional windows as well as all your private chats may also appear. And surely you’re not okay with sharing all of your private life with strangers, are you? This is when Streamer mode operates. This mode will allow you to hide all your personal information, it restricts invitations, pop-ups, private chats, etc.

Now that you know the purpose of Discord Streamer mode , it’s time to show you how to activate it. But before that, you will first need to sync your streaming app with Discord.

Here’s how:

  • Access Discord;
  • Click the gear button to access the Settings menu;
  • Select the Connection tab;
  • Access the Settings section;
  • Click on the Integration menu;
  • Choose the platform of your choice, check the Sync box.

Now that the synchronization is done , here is how to activate the Streamer mode:

  • Enter Discord;
  • Press the gear icon to access the Settings menu;
  • Find the Streamer Mode section at the bottom of the User Settings menu;
  • Click on the Enable Streamer mode option.

There ! You are now ready to broadcast your passions without being afraid that some of your personal information will leak . Enjoy!

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