How to Block SIM Card in Case of Theft or Loss of Mobile Phone?

Blocking a SIM card is very beneficial for us in case of theft or loss of the mobile, since blocking a SIM Card prevents the person who has the cell phone from making calls or using the data on our chip.

The cell phone has become so important for all of us, that for this reason many people pay for stolen mobiles or SIMs, since they can do many things with them, extortion, fraud and other illegal things that can get us into trouble, but to avoid this happens, we can block the SIM.

This has many benefits and you can lock the SIM Card by going to your operator or you can do it yourself by adding a PIN, so that the SIM card can only be unlocked with a code that only you will know.

So stick around and we’ll show you how to lock a SIM card.

How to Block a SIM Card from Different Operators in Spain?

Without a doubt, no one wakes up one day expecting to lose their mobile, but this usually happens , since there are many people who love what belongs to others, given the circumstances and knowing that no one is exempt from this type of unfortunate event, we have to know what are the measures we can take in case of being victims of theft.

If this is your case, you should know one very important thing, your mobile has a code called IMEI , this code identifies your cell phone as unique in the world, since only your mobile device will have that IMEI.

cym lock

This code is very important that you save it, since it can be very useful in the future. This code comes in the original box of the mobile, so don’t throw away that box, but in case you have, you can find it on mobile.

To see the IMEI on the mobile, you must dial * # 06 # and you can see the IMEI. This code is of vital importance if they have been stolen , since with it you can block the SIM card and the mobile. If you don’t have it, it is very unlikely that your operator will give it to you, but you can ask.

So if you don’t have the IMEI of your cell phone saved somewhere, do it, because it can help you solve various problems. 

Once we are clear about the above, we can proceed to show you how to block a chip from the most important operators in Spain.

How to Block SIM Card in Movistar

To block the Movistar SIM card, you just have to call the prefix: “1004”,  they will kindly assist you, but you must give your personal data, explain what happened and provide them with the IMEI of your mobile, if you don’t have it it will be very difficult for them to block it .

How to Block the SIM Card on Vodafone

Vodafone offers us two ways to block a SIM Card:

  • Through its official page : Enter with your user, go to Manage my services > Call restrictions , choose the action you need and that’s it.
  • By call: call “123″ with a mobile from the Vodafone company and they will help you to block the SIM card and report the theft or loss of the mobile. 

How to Block SIM Card in Orange

This operator offers us two ways to block a SIM card:

  • If you are in Spain and you are a private person, dial 1470 , but if you are not in Spain call +34656001470
  • If you are in Spain and you are a company, dial 1471, but if you are not in Spain dial +34656001471.
  • Go to the official Orange website , go to the customer area, go to the “my line” section , select “Lock-unlock mobile line”, from there you can block the chip 

How to Block Yoigo SIM Card

If you have been a victim of theft, call immediately from another Yoigo cell phone and dial 622, they will help you.

block sim movistar

How to Block Jazztel SIM Card

To block the SIM, Jazztel offers you to do it in two ways:

  • Call from another jazztel mobile to 1565 , if you call from another operator dial 640 00 1565,  if you are abroad call +34 91 140 1565.
  • Go to the official jazztel website, in the client area, go to the section  Managing my lines  and mobile lines , in the Restrictions tab  ,  select  Restriction of all outgoing calls and click on save.

How to Lock SIM Card with PIN

All mobile devices have the option to block the SIM card with a PIN, this is so that your chip cannot be used in another cell phone, unless you enter the PIN, if your mobile is turned off, when it is turned on it will ask you to enter the Unlock PIN, you enter it and you’re done.

This is very good, since nobody will be able to use that SIM card, since only you have the unlock PIN.

chip card lock

The PIN of your SIM card comes on the card where the SIM was, there you can see the PIN code and the PUG code, we are interested in the PIN, for that reason you should not throw that card away, but if you do not have that card you can communicate with your operator to give you the PIN, since all the SIM cards of the operator will have the same PIN. 

You can change the PIN with your mobile and you can enter one that you will not forget, but that is difficult for other people to guess.

So pay attention to the following steps to block a chip with the PIN.

How to Block SIM Card with PIN on Android Smartphone in case of Loss or Theft

You can do this procedure from a mobile that uses the Android operating system such as: Samsung, Huawei, LG Motorola and others.

  1. Go to  settings .
  2. In the magnifying glass at the top right, in that search engine write  SIM card .
  3. Click on Define SIM card lock .
  4. Go to Lock SIM Card .
  5. Enter the PIN code , you can also change it to a new one.
how to block the sim card of my cell phone or mobile

How to Block SIM Card with PIN on Iphone and Ipad in case of Theft or Loss

You can do the SIM lock from an iPhone or iPad.

  1. Go to  settings.
  2. Go to  SIM PIN .
  3. Enter the  current PIN .
  4. Enter the New PIN and you’re done.
sim locked

How to Unlock Blocked SIM Card

If you found the mobile you had lost or the one that was stolen returned to you, you should go to your operator’s offices and ask them to change your SIM card for a new one, you will have the same number, but another SIM card.

If you locked it with a PIN, just enter the unlock PIN and you’re good to go. 

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