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Uninstall Tool is a program for completely removing unnecessary programs installed on your computer, removing system components and applications from the Microsoft Store. The program uses powerful additional tools: Uninstall Wizard and Application Install Monitor.

Almost all users use certain programs on their computers that serve to perform various practical tasks. Users independently install the necessary software on their computer to perform the required functions.

Over time, some applications become unnecessary on the computer, so users remove outdated software from their PCs. It makes no sense to keep programs on the computer that are not used, in addition, some applications take up quite a lot of disk space. Often, unwanted applications secretly penetrate the computer along with the installation of the necessary programs.

To remove programs in the Windows operating system, the system tool “Programs and Features” is used, which uses the built-in standard uninstaller to uninstall. Unfortunately, many programs, when removed from a PC, do not completely delete their files. Because of this, remnants and traces of the deleted application remain on the computer: folders, files, registry entries.

To completely remove programs and clean the system of all remnants, you must use third-party software with advanced features. On my site, I have already done reviews about many similar programs that serve to uninstall unnecessary software from a computer.

Uninstall Tool: what is this program

The Uninstall Tool program is designed to completely remove unnecessary or unwanted applications, cleaning the system of all remaining traces.

The Uninstall Tool has the following features:

  • Fast speed, small application size.
  • Search and thoroughly remove all remnants and traces of uninstallable software using the Uninstall Monitor.
  • Remove system apps and apps installed from the Microsoft Store (Windows Store).
  • Cleaning the registry from traces of the program being removed.
  • Monitor software installations with the Software Installation Monitor.
  • End application processes before uninstalling from PC.
  • Detailed information about the uninstallation performed after each removal of the program.
  • Batch removal of programs.
  • Forced removal of programs if they are not removed normally.
  • Manage startup items.
  • Export to HTML file the list of installed programs.
  • Search for information about the program in the Google search engine.

You can download the Uninstall Tool for Windows (paid program, there is a trial period) from the official website of the Crystalidea developer. The program works in different versions of the Windows operating system: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP.

Installing the Uninstall Tool

Installing the Uninstall Tool program will not raise questions from the user. Pay attention to one point: in the “Select additional tasks” window, leave the default settings to be able to use additional functions in the program.

Instead of installing the regular version of the application on your computer, you can download the Uninstall Tool Portable from the official website, which does not require installation. The portable version can be run from a USB flash drive on any computer.

Next, I will explain how to use the Uninstall Tool.

Tools in the Uninstall Tool

The Crystalidea Uninstall Tool contains several tools for removing unwanted programs and managing certain operating system features.

In the main window of the Uninstall Tool program, open the “Autorun” tab to enter the startup options. Here you can disable some applications from startup to disable autorun of these programs along with the start of the Windows operating system.

Select the desired program from the list, and then perform the necessary action:

  • Disable startup at system startup.
  • Remove from list.
  • View the program launch source in the system registry or in the Task Scheduler.
  • Open the program folder.
  • Add a new program to autostart.

In the “Tools” menu, you can access the system utilities:

  • Add/Remove Programs – Remove or change a program.
  • Windows Features – Enable or disable Windows features.
  • Security Center – Security and Maintenance Center.
  • System properties – information about the properties of the system.
  • Services – Windows services.
  • Task Scheduler – launches the Task Scheduler.

Software Installation Monitor in Uninstall Tool

The Software Installation Monitor function helps to track the installation of the program on the computer, to monitor all changes in the operating system. The program uses kernel driver mode to monitor processes.

This method allows you to most fully track all the parameters of installing the program on a computer. In the future, this will help to correctly remove all data from the monitored program from the system.

The Install Tracker is launched from the context menu of the program being installed. You can simply drag the installation file into the program window.

Uninstall Tool Portable has a Software Installation Monitor. It must be launched directly from the Uninstall Tool window, unlike the regular version, where the function to launch the Installation Monitor is available from the Explorer context menu for files in the “.exe” and “.msi” formats.

Make sure that no third-party applications are running on the computer during installation of the application in tracking mode.

Carry out a normal installation of the program, and the Uninstall Tool will track all changes in the operating system. From the notification area, you can open a window to view the installation progress or stop monitoring the program.

After the process is completed, in the “Install and monitor the program” window that opens, click the “Save” button.

An installed and monitored application is marked in the application list with a special icon.

To upgrade a monitored application to a new version, you must perform the following steps:

  1. Highlight the application in the Uninstall Tool window.
  2. From the context menu, select “Tracked Data” and then “Add Data (Run and Track Program)”.
  3. In the window that opens, add the path to the installation file of the program.
  4. Click on the “Install and Follow” button.

The Uninstall Tool will update the installation and configuration information for the new version of the tracked application.

Uninstalling programs in the Uninstall Tool

Removing unnecessary programs from the system occurs in the “Uninstall” tab. The Uninstall Tool provides two options for removing unwanted programs:

  • Uninstall is a normal uninstall.
  • Forced removal – deleting the data of an installed application without using a regular uninstaller.

At the bottom of the Uninstall Tool program window, on the additional toolbar, there are tabs designed to perform the necessary actions in the program:

  • Applications – a list of installed programs available for removal.
  • System – system applications that can be removed from the computer.
  • Hidden – Hidden applications.
  • Windows Store Apps – Apps installed from the Microsoft Store.
  • Install and monitor – launches the program installation tracking function.
In most cases, the user will work in the Applications tab. It is not recommended to remove system or hidden applications, especially if you do not quite understand their purpose. This can cause crashes and problems with Windows or programs.

The process for uninstalling applications is as follows:

  1. Highlight the unwanted program, right-click on it.
  2. In the context menu, select the “Uninstall …” item.
  3. In the warning window, agree to remove the program.
  4. Next, the process of removing the program using a standard uninstaller takes place.
  5. After the uninstall is complete, the Uninstall Wizard starts, which scans the file system and registry for entries that belonged to the removed program.
  6. In the window with the found data, click on the “Delete” button to delete the remaining files from the computer.
  7. All remnants of the program have been removed.

If necessary, get a detailed deletion log with information.

In some cases, the Uninstall Tool cannot delete some data because it is currently in use by the operating system and it prevents it from being deleted. The program window will display a list of items that will be automatically removed the next time you start Windows.

Forced removal in the Uninstall Tool

The Force Uninstall feature in the Uninstall Tool is used to uninstall applications and program leftovers without using the standard uninstaller.

Forced deletion is required in the following cases:

  • Removing programs with a corrupted uninstaller.
  • Remove partially installed or partially removed programs.

The Uninstall Wizard starts searching for all file system and registry entries related to the program being removed.

After the scan is completed, in the window with the found data, click on the “Delete” button.

The Uninstall Tool has a feature for batch uninstalling applications:

  1. Press the “Ctrl” key, and then select a few unnecessary programs in the Uninstall Tool window.
  2. Select the “Batch forced delete” or “Batch delete entries from the registry” option.

Article Conclusions

The Uninstall Tool is designed to completely remove unwanted programs from your computer. Using the Uninstall Tool, you can uninstall unwanted applications in the usual or forced way, as well as track the installation of new programs on your PC.

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