How to fix error CE-112859-6 on PS5?

Users complain that they get error CE-112859-6 when they try to launch the browser, Spotify, YouTube, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime, etc. Retrying downloads usually does not work, as does rebooting. Although the error may go away on its own after a while, this usually does not happen. Regarding the restoration of the database, opinions are ambiguous, for some it works, for some it does not. However, there is a better solution that works great.

How to fix error CE-112859-6?

Apparently, the problem lies in the account data. If they are forced to update, applications should work stably. The following instructions will help you do this.

Instructions for fixing error CE-112859-6:

  1. Go to “Settings” in the “Accounts” section.
  2. We create a new account, be sure to link it to a different email address.
  3. We log in with a newly created profile and try to install or run the problematic application.
  4. In theory, everything should go smoothly and now you can return to the main account. Now the application will run on it without problems.

This is the best solution we’ve found since it’s been proven to be effective by other users. Other commonplace actions like rebuilding the database, resetting to factory settings, etc. can also work, but you should resort to them only as a last resort.

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