How to Convert Video to Any Format for Any Device

Video file formats often cause user headaches due to the large number of existing media formats. You can shoot home videos, download videos, or spend years building a library of your favorite movies, only to find that they don’t play properly on your new smartphone or smart TV due to lack of support.

The iPhone, for example, only supports a few video and audio file formats, so what plays fine on a computer may not even be recognized on this phone. Similar situations happen with other devices running on other platforms.

In order for the user to be able to watch the video, he needs to convert media files to another format supported by many, or on a specific device. You need to use the help of specialized software – a video converter, which has the ability to convert video formats between themselves.

There are many tools for converting from one format to another, but they are usually either too difficult to learn or not very efficient, have few features and are slow. The user needs a functional program, at the same time understandable to an ordinary person.

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate works like an easy-to-use “Swiss army knife” for video files, converting over 1000 different video and audio formats quickly and accurately.

Easy process of video conversion in UniConverter

Download the UniConverter program from the official website: , and then install this application on your computer. The process of converting video or audio takes several steps, passing through which the user will need to select a device and configure the conversion settings.

Find and select files or a folder, and the program will analyze them to determine the current format, language, and resolution. Then the application will automatically select the best output format with the same resolution as the original, for example, “MKV 1080p Full HD” video file will be converted to “MP4 1080p Full HD” file for playing on iPhone or other device.

If necessary, you can change the format of the converted file with a single click by lowering its resolution, or simply by going to the “Device” tab to select the smartphone or tablet for which you are converting the video, with presets suitable for the latest brands and models of popular devices .

You can select different output options for each file in the folder. This can be handy if you are converting a movie to watch on iPhone and a cartoon for kids to watch on their budget HD tablet.

You can add subtitles to the video or change the audio track format. UniConverter can merge multiple files into one longer file. This is perfect for creating your own clips or homemade movies.

After selecting the settings, use the “Convert” or “Convert All” options to get the program to start processing the files.

Quick conversion to UniConverter

The process of converting videos to Wondershare UniConverter is quite simple. You can use the high-speed lossless conversion mode to save your time greatly.

Conversion between multimedia formats takes place in the following order:

  1. Click on the “Video Converter” on the left, after that you will find yourself in the “In Process” tab.
  2. Then use the “Add or drag files here to start converting” option to add your original video to the program window.
  3. Import videos into Wondershare UniConverter from your device, hard drive, or external drive by clicking the arrow next to the “Add Files” button. If you’re converting a file that’s on a CD or DVD, then click the drop-down icon at the top next to the “Load DVD” button to select the optical drive into which the DVD was inserted.
  4. After adding a video, you will see a menu with a gear icon, click on it and select one of the output formats.

You can choose output settings differently after opening the output format menu located at the bottom of the program window. Select the desired option for video output as well as the appropriate resolution.

  1. Make sure the “High Speed ​​Conversion” switch is turned on before you start converting your video.

This technology allows you to convert files at high speed without losing quality. In the window that opens, review the supported input and output formats that can be used in this mode.

  1. Select the file location where you want to save the final result as a finished file, and then click the “Invert” button.
  2. After the conversion is completed, go to the “Converted” tab located at the top, and then click on the “Open” button located on the right side of the program window to access the converted file.

Faster conversion speed

The program can convert files at up to 30 times the playback speed, depending on the processor and video card of your laptop or PC. Powerful performance is delivered by the combination of Wondershare’s multi-core APEXTRANS-optimized conversion technologies that convert video with zero loss of quality or compression, and support for the latest hardware encoding technologies built into Nvidia and AMD GPUs and Intel processors, including NVENC, CUDA and Intel Quick Sync.

After quick video conversion, you can pre-play video files with the media player in the program itself, and then transfer them directly to iOS or Android devices without leaving the program. You don’t even need to download iTunes to get video files on Apple phones.

Additional features of UniConverter

Wondershare UniConverter has options for more advanced users along with simple functions. You can edit your files by cutting out unwanted parts or cropping titles, adjust brightness and contrast, or use filters to change the look of a given video. The application can use the modern H.265 codec when processing video.

In addition, you can burn video to DVD using a range of menu templates. The program has a built-in screen recorder to create your own videos, as well as the ability to turn short video clips into animated GIFs.

The app has a tool to automatically fix corrupted or missing metadata so that files are properly listed and cataloged when stored on a PC or NAS drive. Wondershare UniConverter 12 introduces new features such as adding subtitles to videos and adjusting video playback speed.

It’s a good set of features for an accessible, intuitive package – the multimedia harvester that this program is. You can try all the functions of the application yourself by downloading a free trial version of the program from the official website.

Article Conclusions

UniConverter is designed to convert video and audio files to other media formats. The video converter supports a large number of formats supported on various devices. The application has a high-speed conversion mode, built-in editing tools, screen recording, DVD burning, image converter and other useful tools.

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