How to Uninstall Programs on Mac or MacBook Completely

If you are a Windows operating system user, you will find it somewhat difficult to know how to remove programs on Apple’s MacOs operating system. And it is that this system that Apple uses is very different from Windows, if you are a person who is making a transition from Windows to Mac, you will find yourself with great challenges, since the commands and procedures are very different.

For that reason we invite you to stay and learn how to uninstall programs on Mac permanently. 

What You Should Know Before Uninstalling Apps on Mac

First of all, you should know that the procedure to delete programs on Mac is very different from that of windows, you need to know that there are two types of applications on Mac , those that have their own installer and those that are containers.

The difference between these applications, is that if you delete an application like adobe by dragging it to the trash, you will only delete the application, but all the installation files will remain on your mac hard drive, this can be a problem in the future, since you can run out of space in the near future, usually these applications are downloaded from the browser and not from the apple store.

If you delete container apps like Imagewell or apps downloaded from the apple store, dragging them to the trash can will remove them, but they won’t leave installation files on your hard drive. 

These types of applications or programs are eliminated in different ways, so you must pay attention, so that you do not make a mistake.

Another important aspect before uninstalling a Mac program is that you must be sure that you want to uninstall that application, since you may lose important files and data. Remember that when you remove a program you will no longer be able to open the files of that program.

Once we have all the above clarified, let’s move on to uninstall programs on Mac completely. 

How to Delete Apps on Mac Easily

Next, we will show you how to delete apps from Mac permanently, so we remind you to be sure to carry out this action, since you will not be able to recover the progress of said program.

How to Uninstall Programs on Mac Downloaded from Apple Store With Launchpad

All the applications that we download directly from the apple store can be deleted directly and when we delete them there are no residues of them, to delete programs on mac downloaded from the apple store do the following:

  1. Go to the Launchpad app in the dock, the bar at the bottom of the screen, or you can access it from apps .
  2. Once the launchpad is open, all the applications that you have downloaded and installed from the app store will appear.
  3. To delete an app, long-click on it until you see the icons shake from side to side and have a cross on the top left of each app.
  4. Click on the cross and voila, you will have uninstalled the application from your Mac.  

But you wonder, how do I uninstall programs like google chrome or video players like VLC? Since these programs are not downloaded from the app store, well take note of the following.

How to Uninstall Programs on Mac from Finder

These are the programs downloaded from the browser, so it is not the same procedure that we use to delete applications downloaded from the app store.

  1. Enter the “Finder” app .
  2. Once inside, search and press on “Applications” , you will find it in the left sidebar.
  3. All the applications installed on your Mac will appear, select the one you want to remove and right click on it.
  4. Click on “Move to Trash” .
  5. Once sent to the trash, the application will not be completely uninstalled, now you must go to the trash and click on Empty Trash.
  6. Once the above is done, the program will be completely removed from your Mac. 

Programs to Remove Applications from Mac or MacBook Air

The previous processes to remove programs from a mac are reliable and do their job, but many like to go further, so they choose to install programs that help them keep their computer optimized. 

These programs not only uninstall programs, but also delete all the records of said program, junk files and optimize your Mac PC.

Among the best applications to delete programs from mac are:

  • AppDelete: This is undoubtedly a very good option, it has millions of users around the world and saves you a lot of time since you only have to press a button to delete all the garbage that is on your mac.
  • CleanApp: A very reliable app that makes it easy for you to remove unwanted files from your Mac computer.

Any of the above options are very good, so we leave it to your discretion which one to use. We hope this information has been very helpful, if you have any questions, leave it in the comments.

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