What does 7u7 and 7w7 mean in WhatsApp and social networks?

We explain what 7u7 and 7w7 mean on social networks like WhatsApp, Instagram, Roblox, Facebook and other platforms.

Social networks can be a hostile place if we don’t know how to navigate them. It’s not uncommon to come across expressions like ‘lol’, ‘ xD ‘ and other things that may seem meaningless but have a specific interpretation. Such is the case with 7u7 and 7w7, a couple of things that you can come across on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Roblox, Reddit and other places on the web .

What does 7u7 and 7w7 mean in social networks?

First of all, we should know a little about the origin of emojis: before there were animated faces on device keyboards, Internet users used characters to represent emotions, which is still done on some occasions.

For example, it is common to make a ‘smiley face’ with a colon and a parenthesis “:)”, which alludes to happiness ; and in the reverse order, it implies sadness, since the dots are thought to be the eyes and the parentheses the mouth “:(” , which gives it a different interpretation.

The “7u7” and “7w7” operate under the same logic , which do not refer to specific words, but to emojis, in which the sevens (7) are like the eyes, and the “u” and “w” to the mouth of the little faces . The intermediate letters, both the “u” and the “w” in lowercase, are commonly styled, but they are not meaningless if they are written in capital letters.

As for its meaning, no one in particular always means the same thing, but its interpretation is open to the circumstantial of the messages and publications.

However, it is true that it usually falls within the realm of insinuations or references already known to each other (or sometimes sexual), so that it begins as something that is generally known to both or with a flirtation, but it is not always.

In short, if you receive a message with a “7u7” or “7w7” it is most likely that they are not telling you something literally, but that there is something else behind it. But don’t ‘get married’ to this, because there are users who use it in a much more relaxed and indistinct way… like almost everything on the web.

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