How to put a voice effect on Tiktok?

More and more, the Tiktok application is gaining ground in terms of video sharing. One of the functions that make it more interesting is the possibility of recording videos with other voices. Users love and go crazy for these playful effects. This article is about how to apply voice effect on tiktok.

What to know about tiktok voice effect

Voice effects are available on TikTok for Android and iOS devices. With their use, your voice is changed when you make a recording. The same way filters make your videos look polished, voice effects beautify your voice beyond recognition. It improves the sound quality and elevates the voice of its user to its maximum capacity.

The editing of voices spawned by tiktok has allowed the app to increase its number of followers. The humor engendered by it is felt both by those who use it and by those who watch the videos.

How to apply voice effects on tiktok

This is a fairly simple process. Keep in mind that to use voice effects, your video must include your own voice. In other words, you cannot use voice effects on videos created with the built-in templates that contain music.

Indeed, Tiktok offers several voice effects. These are for example: squirrel, vibrator, synth, helio, robot, low battery, electronic, microphone, echo, sound waves, megaphone, giant and baritone. Here are the steps to take to effectively employ any of these effects:

  1. Start by applying a voice effect before proceeding to record your video.
  2. Enter the app and tap the ” plus sign (+) ” at the very Make the recording without having to fear its modality and style. Indeed, the editing will be applicable to the entire body of the video.
  3. Tap the same spot once more to pause or stop recording.
  4. Then press the bell when you are done recording.
  5. After that, scroll to the right of the recording icon to see more editing possibilities.
  6. In the collection of options in the upper right corner, tap on ” voice effects “. Obtaining the vocal effects allows you to focus attention on the right and upper part. You will see in this same part the option to improve or modify the voice. A breakdown of the existing possibilities for improvement and modification has been provided. The choice of the desired effect therefore depends essentially on your tastes.
  7. Continue to do this to further edit your video, save it, or publish it.

If you decide not to use an effect, tap “About Me” on the far left. You can even apply other effects to your video, such as text or stickers.

Touch next when you’re done. Don’t forget that you can also add voice effects to an already recorded video as a draft!

Add voice effects to a draft in Tiktok

Find out the steps to follow to include a voice effect in a tiktok video already saved as a draft.

First, start by touching the ” Mil tab ” at the bottom, to choose the ” Drafts ” option there. Then select the draft video you want to add a voice effect to. Once the video is chosen, tap ” Return ” in the top left corner.

As soon as the post options are open, you then need to click on ” voice effects ” in the top right corner options while your video is playing. Finally, follow the same instructions here to choose a voice effect, further edit your video, save it, or publish it.


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