How to install a Voice Changer?

Voice changers are frequently used in exchanges for several reasons. They can help crack jokes, create content, and most importantly keep conversations anonymous. Therefore, many are looking for the information on how to install a voice changer app. To this end, here is everything you need to know about installing Voice Changers.

Choose the best app

Voice changers are used in communication and audio and video editing for fun reasons and to preserve anonymity. The manufacturers of modern communication devices sometimes integrate the voice modification option into their software. Thus, before proceeding with the installation of a Voice changer, check beforehand if your device does not already include this option.

If after verification you need to install a Voice changer in your device, start by choosing the right application . Indeed, there are several platforms that offer many voice changer applications. However, for a wise choice, it is advisable to do your research according to the system of your device.

Android devices have multiple platforms and websites for downloading apps. Being, there are several Voice changer apps in Android, it complicates users to choose. Thus, it is advisable to start by consulting the online comparisons in order to know the best application according to your needs.

If you are using an IOS, MAC or Windows device, you will need to do as much research to find out which application to download. Here are some voice modifiers you can install:





Best voice Changer

Call voice change



Voice Changer with effects

voice mode

fun call

Skype Voice Changer Pro


Best Voice change

Call voice change

voice changer

Voice fx


voice changer

Any voice Changer

Proceed to install

Once you have chosen your voice modifier, you can start downloading and installing it . If you are using an Android device, all you have to do is open Play store and use the search bar to find your application. Once the application is found, all you have to do is select it to start the download. The installation will be carried out automatically at the end of the loading.

For iOS devices, you will find your voice modifier on App store . This platform also includes a search bar to quickly find an application. Once the modifier is found, all you have to do is click on it and, if necessary, enter your i cloud password to install it.

Windows also has a store for downloading and purchasing applications. You can search your voice changer on Windows store. As this platform is not rich enough in application, it is then possible to directly search for your voice changer on Google and download the file before installing it manually.

Make any necessary adjustments for use.

Voice modifiers do not have the same options . Indeed, there are real-time voice modifiers for direct internet or Ethernet calls. Thus, before launching your call, please open your application to program the voice modification. These applications can also hide your phone number in the device of your correspondent.

Other voice modifiers allow you to make a recording before editing it. This is for example the case of Snapchat which can allow you to make a video with modified voice and send it to your contacts for fun.

For most applications that run on Windows, you need to record your voice before adding voice effects for editing. The voices thus modified can be used in the production of amateur videos for social networks.

Installing a Voice Changer then requires researching information related to the quality of your device, the uses you are going to make of it and the best existing modifiers. Once the software is downloaded and installed, you need to make some settings to be able to use it.

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