The CPL socket: the foot for geekers far from a box!

The perpetual evolution of digital puts new alternatives at the service of geekers. Many people use the power line socket to work quietly in any room of their home. Some think it’s a well-developed technology, others don’t know what it is. Discover the pleasure of geeking with the CPL socket.

Power line socket: What is it?

Power Line Carrier (PLC) is a technology that allows you to set up a computer network via the electrical network of a room. It breaks the proximity requirement for connection by providing internet through electrical outlets. The CPL socket is used because it improves the internet coverage of your home with a fast and stable connection.

The PLC is sold in kits consisting of two boxes made of insulating material. They have an integrated socket and ethernet ports respectively . The PLC promotes the connection of devices to each other and to the wifi of the house.

Although being a recent market, many designers are developing models of better powerline adapters . These include, among others:

  • tp-link ;
  • netgear ;
  • devolo magic ;
  • D-link.

Generally, the kit is designed in two types: wired PLCs or Wi – Fi PLCs . The former use Ethernet cables for internet connection while the latter require a wireless network.

Power line socket, how does it work?

The PLC socket represents a clear step towards smart electrical networks. The operating principle of the PLC socket is relatively simple. It consists of simultaneously transmitting on the electrical wiring of a network, the computer data signal with low energy and at a high frequency. This transmission is then received and decoded remotely for a useful purpose.

Depending on the speed offered, PLCs are grouped into two large groups: high-speed PLCs which require OFDM multicarrier modulations and low-speed PLCs which use frequency modulations. In order to use PLC sockets in a home, you must have an Internet service provider and a router such as a box or a modem.

For installation, using the first CPL adapter in the kit, you must connect the Ethernet port of your box to a nearby electrical wall outlet. In the room where you want to have internet, also plug the second adapter into a wall socket and connect it to your device using another e thernet cable . Your private internet network is thus set up. However, it is not recommended to plug it into a power strip to avoid disturbances to the electrical network. Let’s move on to the reasons that are worth such notoriety to the CPL socket.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the PLC socket?

If it is so appreciated, it is because it has significant advantages over other competing products. It guarantees:

  • non-violation of your internet network , because it is limited to your electrical installation;
  • fast and efficient sharing of heavy files thanks to broadband;
  • an inexpensive and easy-to-use technology ideal for home automation.

The PLC also has some disadvantages in case of domestic use. Among these, the risk of saturation and signal attenuation are the most important. Note, however, that these limits do not in any way reduce the efficiency of the power line carrier.

Powerline socket or WiFi?

The CPL socket is quite often compared to wi -fi. A very popular non-wired connection solution, wifi is also very widespread. If many geeks and gamers prefer to use carrier current online, it is mainly because of the differences between wifi and powerline socket.

Wifi offers weak security because it can be hacked. A third party can therefore have access to your network and even to your data. This problem is solved by using the CPL socket. The risks of hacking a PLC network are slim . With a CPL socket, you can therefore geek in complete safety.

Unlike Wifi, the CPL socket ensures the extent of a stable connection in all rooms of the house. Your internet network will not suffer from the blocking of waves as is the case with wifi. With Power Line Carrier, you are therefore guaranteed a stable connection. This is very practical for surfing with pleasure and in complete peace of mind.

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