How to fix error WS-44949-0 on PS4?

Error code WS-44949-0 is not a typical network failure that it is often confused with. Almost always, the problem is not with your internet, but either with the console’s operating system or with the account itself. The most drastic solution in the form of a factory reset can really work, but PS4 error WS-44949-0 at login can be fixed in simpler ways. Try them first, and only then, if you are completely unlucky and nothing worked, you can go to the last available option.

Solutions to error WS-44949-0

This error code is characterized by the fact that the user can still log into their PSN account from other devices: PlayStation 5, PC, etc. Thus, some account settings will need to be made from other devices. The crash only occurs on PS4 and retries usually do nothing. By the efforts of the players, we managed to find several good solutions that definitely work, this is confirmed by other users of the forums.

What should be done:

  • Enable two-factor authentication . To do this, go to “Settings”, then – to the “Account Management” section. On the “Account Information” page, select “Security” and go to the “Two-factor authentication” tab. We activate it and choose the method of confirming the entry via SMS.
  • Change privacy settings . In the settings you need to go to the “Privacy” section and set all the parameters to the “Nobody” position.
  • Activate console as primary . A fairly standard procedure that does not need a detailed description.
  • Sign out of your account on other devices. If you deactivate your other consoles connected to your account, signing in may go smoothly.
  • Reset account password . You can do this on your phone or through the PlayStation website.

Important! If you already have two-step authentication active, try changing the phone number where SMS with access codes are sent. According to several users, this approach can also work.

In 95+% of cases, according to feedback from affected players, the WS-44949-0 login error should disappear, and you should be able to fully use your PlayStation 5 console. For more accurate statistics, leave your comments, this will allow you to better understand the nature of the error and its features fixes.

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