Iolo System Mechanic, does it really work?

Created several years ago, Iolo system mechanic has experienced small functionality problems with some users. This was the subject of much speculation. Users are now wondering if it still works. You will find the answers to this question here.

Presentation of Iolo mechanical system

The mechanical system of Iolo has been created since February 2009. It presents itself as a complete reset solution to permanently control the operating system of your computer. This system only works on Windows 2000, XP, or Vista 32-bit PCs.

To use it you will need 25MB of disk space and 256MB of RAM space. You also need an internet connection and internet explorer 6.0 or higher.

Advantages of Iolo system mechanic

The Iolo mechanic system allows you to renew all the functions of your computer. The latter, thanks to a single click, eliminates all defective files. This system also repairs errors and restores your computer system. It takes care of the management of the programs with which the PC is equipped and also optimizes the register to allow your machine to function more quickly.

This system has nearly 40 tools to restore your problems. Thanks to these tools, the cleaning of your pc is done faster and automatically. A license of this system can be placed on a maximum of three computers. All the failures of your computer disappear and it is once again able to be used optimally.

In addition, this system avoids any kind of virus to your computer by strengthening its defense system. This allows the computer to operate as purchased.

Operation of Iolo system mechanic

Regarding the operation of this system, it is done in three main steps, the first of which is to launch the scan of the pc. The mechanical system fully analyzes your computer tool thanks to which it can identify the problem of the latter. The second step is where the system gives you a full report on any problems with your computer.

This will allow you to find out what is causing the malfunction of your tool. It could be a slowdown or an error coming from the computer. The malfunctions so you can, thanks to the mechanical system, know their origin.

Finally, the last step is where this system will be able to repair your machine. The problem is therefore repaired immediately and simultaneously by the system without your intervention.

Usefulness of paid versions of Iolo mechanic system

This software is available in a free version but also in a paid version . These builds help make your computer perform better in the long run and make it faster during use. As a result, there are three paid versions of this system.

The mechanic iolo system is the first paid version which takes care of optimizing the functionalities of your computer tool. It also takes care of repairing malfunctions and alerts you to any form of malicious software. As for iolo professional mechanic system , it includes Antiwir Vervirus system shield software .

This represents a function that allows your PC to recover misplaced files and also from the Drive Scrubber shredder. The last named mechanic ultimate defense system , is equipped with three software whose 1st Privacy Guardian is responsible for protecting your identity on the Internet. Then the 2nd Bye password which takes care of managing your password and finally Malware killer represents a super high protection against malicious software or viruses.

In short, we can deduce that the mechanic iolo system is well functional whether it is the free version or the paid versions. However, the paid versions are much more efficient than the free version . In addition, to ensure the complete protection of your computer, choose either the iolo professional mechanic system or the mechanic ultimate defense system.

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