How to reset your registry on Windows?

Resetting a Windows Registry is not always an easy procedure. Indeed, this requires great caution and some knowledge of computer maintenance. In order to help you, here is how to reset your Windows registry in the easiest way!

Reset Registry on Windows Using Settings

To reset your registry on Windows, the easiest method is to use the “Recovery ” option found in your computer’s settings. To do this, go to the “Start menu” and select the Settings tab . You can also use the “Windows + i” shortcut to access the settings. Then select the “Update & Security” pane. In the window that opens, click on the Recovery tab and press the “start” button under the heading “Reset this pc”.

To reset your registry on Windows, you have the possibility to choose between several options. For example, you can choose to keep your files or delete them. You can also reset your registry by downloading a new copy of Windows or by using data from your system. Whichever method you use, your device will be completely reset, which will also reset your registry.

In addition, before restoring, you must plug in your device. Indeed, once the reset has started, your machine should not turn off.

Reset Windows Registry from Safe Mode

The other way to reset your registry on Windows is to use Safe Mode . To do this, you must start by putting your pc in this mode. To do this, it must be turned off and started by pressing the F8 key. It will automatically go into safe mode. Using this mode to reset the Windows registry has a great advantage. This is because it protects installed files and drivers.

Once your computer is booted into Safe Mode, press Windows + R keys simultaneously to open the “Run” window. Then type the command ” regedit ” to open the registry editor. When the latter is open, click on the File tab and select the “import” option. In the dialog box that appears, locate your backup file and hit “Enter”. The reset will automatically start.

Besides, there is other faster method to import the backup file. The latter consists of right-clicking on the file and choosing the merge option. The import will be done automatically.

Reset Windows Registry Using Command Prompt

To reset your registry on Windows, you can also use the Command Prompt . This method is usually used in the event that the Windows operating system does not start in Safe Mode. To restore your registry from the command prompt, you need a bootable CD or key containing your operating system.

To perform the reset, boot your computer from the CD or USB, then choose “Windows Repair Mode”. Once the Windows installer has launched, go to the “System Restore” section and choose the “command prompt” option. Then type the following commands to import the file from your backup.

In the example given, it has been assumed that your Windows directory is on drive C. If this is not the case, you will have to replace the letter C with the name of the drive that contains it. Type the command cd /d C:WindowsSystem32config and then press the Enter key. Then enter the commands xcopy *.* C:RegBack , cd Regback and dir . After that, it will be necessary to replace the parameters of the current register with the commands:

copy /y software…
copy /y system…
copy /y sam…

The colon (..) is part of the commands. They should therefore not be omitted.

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