Yandex Family Search – protection from unwanted information

Yandex Family Search is a mode of operation of the search engine designed to prevent the appearance in search results of answers to user requests regarding content of an “adult” nature. When using this mode, the Yandex search engine protects the user from receiving unwanted information.

When you enter a search query, the search results show any websites that match, in Yandex’s opinion, as the correct answer to the user’s query. These resources may include sites with “adult” content or other objectionable content.

The Yandex search engine is used by minor children, people with unstable mentality, as well as adults who consider it unacceptable to display such materials on the Internet. To prevent sites with unwanted information from appearing in search results, you need to filter search results at the level of the Yandex search engine.

Setting up search results Yandex “Family Search” will help solve the problem with unwanted content in the results of the search engine. Internet resources “for adults” will not be shown by Yandex search if the browser uses the “Family” search mode.

Setting up family search in Yandex

The Yandex search engine regulates the display of resources on the Internet depending on the selected mode, cutting off unwanted information from search results. Family Search acts as part of the browser’s parental controls because it blocks access to 18+ sites.

Yandex has three modes for filtering search results:

  • Unlimited – search results show all sites for the entered query without any restrictions.
  • Moderate filter – sites with “adult” content are excluded from the search results. Sites for “adults” are shown if an explicit search query has been entered to obtain content of this nature.
  • Family Search – Search results do not show sites for “adults” and Internet resources with obscene language, even if a direct query was entered to search for such content.

With the default settings, the Yandex search engine uses a “Moderate filter”. Both modes: “Family” and “Moderate”, in general, do a good job of filtering unwanted content on the Internet. If for some reason filtering did not work on some sites, please report this to the Yandex support service.

The family search function works in any browser: Yandex Browser, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge, provided that the Yandex search engine is used in it. Family Search must be configured on each individual browser installed on your computer.

For family search, you can use Yandex DNS or enter the Yandex IP address with a configured family filter in the “hosts” file.

How to enable Yandex family search

The “Family search” setting is located in the search engine options.

Yandex search settings “Family Filter” can be enabled by following the steps below:

  1. In a browser, follow this link to the Search Settings page.
  2. In the Search Filtering section, click the Family Search button.
  3. To apply this setting, click on the “Save” button.

Now, when entering a direct “adult” search query, Yandex search will not show results. The web page will display the message: “There were no results found for your search.”

For the operation of the “Family search” mode, it is necessary to enable the recording of cookies (cookies) in the browser, with the help of which the family filtering mode works in subsequent sessions. This setting is enabled by default in browsers.

How to disable family search in Yandex

If such a mode is no longer needed, users are wondering how to disable the family filter in Yandex. You can do this in the search engine settings.

To disable Yandex search family access, follow these steps:

  1. Enter the “Search Settings” page in Yandex (link above in the article).
  2. In the Search Filtering option, set your preferred mode to Moderate Filter or No Limit.
  3. Click on the “Save” button.

If Family Search continues to filter content on the web despite changes to the search engine behavior, follow these steps:

  1. Clear your browser cache .
  2. Delete Yandex cookies on the Yandex.Internetometer service by clicking on this link: .

At the very bottom of the service page, click on the “delete Yandex cookie” link.

Enabling Yandex search settings family filter in the hosts file

There is a way to enable Yandex family search on a computer in the system hosts file. If you use the Yandex search engine, the family filter search settings will be used by default in all browsers installed on this PC.

To do this, you need to make an appropriate entry in the hosts file. Read the article on how to make changes to the hosts file .

Insert an entry in the hosts file with the Yandex IP address using the family search mode:

After that, on a computer in any browser using Yandex search, the function of filtering documents with unwanted information will work.

To disable filtering in the hosts file, delete the line with the Yandex IP address: “” from there.

Article Conclusions

There is a lot of information on the Internet that should be hidden from children, for example, “adult” sites. To protect the younger generation from inappropriate content, it is necessary to filter search results in Yandex. Setting Yandex search results “Family Filter” will allow you to prevent the browser from displaying sites with “adult” content.

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