What do pointing fingers mean on WhatsApp?

Have you seen them on WhatsApp or TikTok and don’t understand what they mean? Don’t worry, here we tell you the meaning of these emojis.

Have you come across the emoji  of two fingers pointing at themselves on WhatsApp or TikTok and don’t know what it means? Don’t worry,  today we explain what it means and what it means to see two fingers pointing at themselves  on social networks.

What do the fingers pointing at each other mean?

These are two brother emojis, because we are talking about one called ‘ Index finger pointing to the right’, which is placed first, and then the ‘ Index finger pointing to the left’ . According to Emojipedia , in both cases, they are emojis whose meaning is simply to point, and on almost all platforms they are found in different skin tones .

Its use separately varies, but it is generally used to indicate the most important thing in a text, or to indicate a certain activity . For example, if you get an emoji pointing at a soccer ball, they are probably inviting you to play with friends.

However, both combined take on a new meaning. Specifically, you must put the one pointing to the right first and the second to the left, so that each finger points towards the other.

Users on social networks use this combination of emojis on various occasions, but the most common are when they feel embarrassed or shy about what they are going to say or write at that moment.

For example, when a person is going to ask another out or is going to declare his love by text message, it can be used as a gesture to show that it is something that is not easy for him to deal with; the other person can return it in a gesture that she is also sensitive to the subject.

The other may be similar, but in case of repentance for what they tell you. When you do something wrong and they point it out to you, it can be used in a gesture that you understand or assume it and you feel bad or nervous and/or sorry for it.

They are also used to ask for a favor, to show that you know that you could annoy the other person . Also, to talk to someone with whom you may not have so much confidence, as a sign that you would like it, as a sign that you want to get closer to something.

So now you know, the next time they send you both emojis together, it’s about someone who feels embarrassed or may be a little shy about what they say or is a little embarrassed to express themselves, so show them all your trust for better communication .

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