What does “gpi” mean on Facebook and social networks?

Don’t get caught on the curve! Here we explain where the expression “gpi” comes from and what uses are given to it in social networks.

Did you miss what was happening on social networks and suddenly, you see a ” gpi ” in some publication? This is more common than you think, and you are not the only one looking for answers about it. For this reason, today we present to you what these three letters mean, so that you can respond better.

What does “gpi” mean on Facebook and social networks?

The three letters “gpi” in social networks like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp or TikTok mean “thank you for inviting”, but it cannot be used in any context.

According to the RAE through its query system via Twitter, “gpi” is not an abbreviation in all its rigor, they simply define it as “an abbreviation of informal electronic communications” . In other words, despite its use, it has no linguistic validity in official documents or similar matters.

“The abbreviations coined for use in chats and short messages have their use restricted to that area and should not be transferred to the general language, so they are not subject to regulation or systematization by the language ,” writes the RAE in a manual.

How is “gpi” used?

Although the RAE considers that it is not likely to be formally added to its dictionary, you should take into account that it will continue to be used, and therefore, you should know the situations in which it is used .

And it is that users do not refer to matters of cordiality in which you thank someone who really invited you to a place or meeting, but rather it is used in the opposite sense: sarcastically and implying that they did not invite you and you noticed.

So when you post a picture somewhere with friends, and someone else – who wasn’t at the meeting – types in “gpi,” he’s sarcastically implying that he wasn’t invited, and probably feels like he’s been left out.

For example, this user uses the ” gpi” to imply that on past national holidays she wants pozole… and if someone does it and doesn’t invite her, she will give him a good “gpi” . That is to say, she will claim, in some way, those who did not tell her that there would be a good dish at home.

Consider that many times young people write things without doing it so seriously, so a “gpi” can be a wake-up call, but most of the time it can be a bit playful , so You will have to understand the context well to know if it was wrong or just a little wink. Do you think you are able to use the “gpi” now?

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