What does “uwu” mean in WhatsApp and social networks?

We tell you what “uwu” means on WhatsApp and social networks and how it is commonly used.

You have to admit it: there are always strange things on the internet that are not understood on social networks. One of them is “uwu”, a word made up of three letters that apparently doesn’t say much , so it seems that it is a word in another language, or has a hidden meaning.

But don’t worry, today we will explain what “uwu” means in social networks, WhatsApp and in general in areas related to the Internet, so that you can start using them too.

What does “uwu” mean?

First of all, you should know a bit of context about the history of social networks: before there were emojis on keyboards, as there are currently on phones, it was very common for network users to do them with some combined characters.

For example, something very common even today is that to make a happy box, you have to put a colon and a closing parenthesis, so it would look like this: “:)” . On the other hand, to make it sad, you would have to reverse the characters or put an opening parenthesis like this: “:(“.

Following this same logic works the ” uwu “. It is not a word with a hidden message or in a language other than Spanish, but it is an emoji made up of three letters where the “u” are eyes pretending to be closed, and the “w” plays the role of a mouth that emulates something that is comfortable or pleasant, in Japanese animation .

The correct spelling for this emoji would be “UwU”, but it is also often used as “uwu” or “UWU” ; however, the emoji is so common and understood by social network users that practically any combination of uppercase and lowercase letters alludes to this same facial expression.

For example, this Twitter user talks about an anime (Japanese cartoon) that he recently discovered. He finds him cute and cuddly, and therefore uses “uwu” to show how he feels about it.

The use is so common that it is even found in the RAE Word Observatory, where they define it as ” The character sequence uwu is an emoticon used to express happiness or tenderness . Although emoticons do not always have a clearly fixed form and allow variants, in this case it is most often written with lowercase (uwu), although the use of UwU is also valid “.

They also clarify that ” Having an iconic value, it does not constitute, strictly speaking, a word and, therefore, has no associated pronunciation. However, if you wanted to pronounce it as if it were a word, due to its spelling, the pronunciation [úgu ] or [úbu] “.

You should also consider that sometimes it is not only to express tenderness, since some sources reveal that they are also popularly used to make a sexual innuendo , so be very careful when they send it to you, as it could make a text take on a double meaning.

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