Rating of the best programs for business cards

Do you need to create an attractive business card? It can be useful for promoting a business, as well as for exchanging contacts between partners.

A business card shows the status of the owner and contains the necessary information about the services provided. To increase sales, a business can distribute business cards to visitors, send them along with online orders, or place them in special newspapers and magazines.

You can make a card yourself with the help of special programs for creating business cards. They often have catalogs of templates, and also allow you to customize layouts as needed: change the background, add text and logos, and more. In this article, we will tell you which program is best for making a business card.

In this image you see an example of a card made in the Business Card Master editor.

This article introduces several applications for creating business cards. Consider the pros and cons of specific programs.

Business Card Master

Business Card Master is one of the best programs designed to design attractive business cards, badges, gift certificates. In it you will find more than 570 designs for various business areas: beauty, construction, real estate, medicine, etc. The software also contains tools for making printed materials manually: you can adjust the size of the canvas and change each element of the layout.

Editor Benefits:

  • Over 570 templates for fast project design.
  • Free movement of all elements.
  • Availability of a database of all companies and clients for whom business cards were made.
  • A collection of images without a background to decorate your layout.
  • Catalog of background images, divided by topics.
  • Creation of a QR code and a card with an office address.
  • Output material in popular graphic formats and a built-in print manager.
  • Convenient menu in Russian and support for all versions of Windows.

The interface of the program Master Business Card.

BusinessCards MX

A shareware program for making business cards and printing them. It contains a catalog of ready-made layouts and allows you to design a project yourself. A simple Russian-language interface and convenient tools make it possible for a novice user to work in the editor.

Pros of BusinessCards MX:

  • The process of designing the work consists in placing the elements available in the program: drawings, graphics, figures and other details.
  • Free movement of objects in the project and work with layers.
  • Ability to save contacts of several organizations or people for later creation of business cards.
  • Over 750 built-in templates and the option to save the design as a preset.


  • In the basic version of the editor, the application logo is placed on the works.
  • The high cost of the license: 1999 rubles.

This image shows the appearance of BusinessCards MX.

MAGIX Page & Layout Designer

Constructor with an intuitive interface and a large number of ready-made solutions. To design a project, you can simply select a blank, add your logo and contact information. You will also have the opportunity to customize each element of the layout, start from a clean page and create your own design. In addition to business cards, you can create calendars, infographics and booklets for printing on a printer.

Features of MAGIX Page & Layout Designer:

  • Online gallery of ready-made solutions for printed products.
  • Option to align and accurately distribute all objects according to design and grid.
  • Ability to create your own vector images and portraits.
  • Built-in image gallery designed for making logos.
  • Use of CMYK, HSV and Pantone color standards.


  • The software offers only the English version.
  • High purchase price of software: 5000 rubles.

Main window of MAGIX Page & Layout Designer.

DECadry Business Card

A program for business cards containing a catalog of ready-made solutions for various business areas. It also allows you to make a business card from scratch by placing shapes, text, setting the background and adding a photo.

Benefits of DECadry Business Card:

  • Collection of background images.
  • Editing features: insert shapes, pictures and text.
  • Creation of various types of codes: QR, EAN 128, Code 39 and others.
  • Simple Russian menu.

Application cons:

  • The software is only available in the DECADRY Soft Pro bundle.
  • A small number of ready-made layouts.

The image shows the appearance of the DECadry Business Card application.

Microsoft Word

An application from Microsoft that is designed to format text data. It is also used to create badges, flyers, leaflets, layouts. The editor contains built-in layouts and offers tools for customizing text, placing pictures and diagrams.


  • Availability of ready-made solutions for quick design of the project.
  • The ability to change the text layer, create headings, place pictures.
  • Export in a convenient extension: PDF, DOC and others.
  • Print settings: paper size, orientation, resolution, margins.
  • Russian-language interface.


  • To use Word, you need to pay for a subscription that includes other applications: Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote.
  • License package cost: $99.99 per year or $9.99 monthly.
  • When creating material from scratch, you must have special skills and experience with the editor.

This image shows examples of creating business cards in Microsoft Word.

Article Conclusions

Now you know what programs for making and printing business cards should be used when designing a project. The best option is Master Business Card Editor. It has a user-friendly Russian-language interface, offers attractive layouts for vertical and horizontal business cards, and also allows you to design work from scratch. With it, you can change the text, background, add photos, logo, shapes and pictures from the collection.

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