How to become a video game streamer?

A streamer is a person who directly shares their own games. In other words, it is live that it broadcasts the games it plays. These game parts are shared with viewers via different types of platforms or media such as YouTube, twitch, etc. Being a streamer can be considered a profession, because many streamers make a good living from it. On a platform like twitch, what are the steps to follow to become a pro streamer? Here are some answers.

Who qualifies as a professional video game streamer?

A streamer is a simple individual who broadcasts with his followers or subscribers parts of games that he plays himself. The profession of steamer can be separated into two. First, it will be the excellent players of a given game and second, the professional live animators. Note that to become a professional streamer, you must have certain qualities and/or skills.

You have to:

  • be very diligent and know how to respond well to the various criticisms
  • know how to vary the content during your streams
  • be rigorous and have a schedule for distribution on the networks
  • know how to edit video, graphics and master twitch technologies.

Apart from all this, you must also be of good character and also have a good and attractive personality.

The steps to becoming a pro streamer

There are different steps to becoming a streamer. Here are the most important steps.

Step 1: Create a Twitch channel

Creating the Twitch account is very easy, but the platform asks you to follow some instructions. First, you need to read the guidelines well so you know what you’re getting into and how to conduct yourself. Then proceed to the actual registration by clicking on ‘register’ and complete the form, but before the installation of the Twitch application must be made. Finally, secure your account with double authentication.

What to do when you are a new player?

If you are new, you are probably wondering how you can go about it, if you are good enough, if you will capture a big audience or not. Indeed, no matter who you are, what you do, and how you do it, people will watch you play. Just choose the right form of streaming which here is live Stream via twitch which is highly recommended.

The images are not saved on the site, unless and only if you use a game capture or special software is installed. This way, the friends you have made will be able to watch you without any problem.

Are you more of an advanced streamer or a veteran gamer?

In this case, you can live stream on Twitch . Many streamers use a twitch account. You will have to use special software to edit the videos you make and to make the scenes prettier with special effects. These include software such as OBS Studio, StreamLabs OBS, etc.

Thus, you will see that this type of operation will allow you to reduce videos that were more than 8 hours to videos of barely 15 or 20 minutes. And better, to select only the comic parts to make the whole attractive.

Step 2: Buy good work accessories

How do you expect to deliver the best content if you don’t have the best job props? Of all the games you will see, most people watch the gameplays online. So, to have a lot of visitors on your live, create an account on the Twitch platform . Which you have probably already done. So you will need to start with a small list of devices. Generally, you will need:

  • a microphone,
  • a helmet,
  • a webcam/camera,
  • of lighting,
  • with a green background and
  • Elgato Stream Deck.

Also consider having a game capture . Indeed, the game capture will allow you to record the images and the sound of the game on your hard disk. This game capture card is then of paramount importance.

Look to play on a very powerful computer . To avoid having ugly game images on your screen and also for your audience, you will need a powerful computer. The more powerful the computer or has a large memory, the higher the quality of the images.

Have a very stable internet connection to avoid presenting jerky games to your audience. Make a Wi-Fi connection available to you. Contact with your viewers must be a priority. Indeed, the public follows the game, but do not forget that it follows you and listens to you. Consider creating an interaction with your audience. Use your headphones or microphone to dazzle your audience with jokes and pro tips.

Play online casino at a professional level

In addition to console games, online casinos are on the rise, and even more so since the start of the health crisis, but is it possible to play online like a professional ? The answer is yes, provided you follow the rules. To play online casino in a professional way, you do not need to have a work contract, or to be a microentrepreneur. Only, all winnings above 1500 euros must be declared because the winnings are taxed at 12% in France. If you are one of those players who earn a lot of money on online casino sites, consider declaring your winnings, otherwise you risk being seized by the tax authorities.

Then you will have to choose a licensed casino in France . Not all of them are, and if the site you choose isn’t trusted, it may not be safe or legal. To correctly choose your online casino site, you must choose a site that offers dozens of different games. This should range from the classic games that you find in a normal casino, namely roulette, slots and poker . You must also have games that you only find on online gaming sites. An online casino that offers several types of games and a safer casino than one that does not offer many.

Finally, to play online professionally, you must go to sites where other professionals are grouped , and not just beginners. The reason is very simple, online casinos for beginners are often sites where the amounts to bet and therefore to win are lower. However, if you are a beginner who wants to become a professional player, you must first practice playing against players of your level. To start, play small amounts, and see what happens. You can then bet bigger. It is still necessary to remain vigilant on the addiction of online casinos. Beginner or professional player, addiction to gambling is real. This is also a good way to find out if the site you have chosen is reliable. It must mention the risks and help numbers in case of addiction on its home page.

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