How to install power line sockets?

The CPL socket or power line carrier is a device that replaces Wi-Fi. Playing the same role as the latter, it is ideal for large spaces equipped with connected objects. It is an ideal alternative for individuals who do not have a fast enough speed for their internet connection. The installation of CPL sockets cannot be possible without the use of electric cables. Focus on the details of such an implementation.

Provide you with the necessary equipment

Like any device, PLC sockets cannot be installed without basic equipment. The first step in setting up will therefore be to make sure that all the necessary elements are within your reach. First, you must have a subscription as well as an internet box . You also need the PLC device . Finally, you will need two Ethernet cables.

Set up the transmitter of your PLC socket

Before installing the CPL socket, it is recommended to make sure that your sockets are not defective. If so, there are many risks involved. So be sure to regularly check these installations and change them if necessary. The installation of the PLC socket begins with the installation of its transmitter.

To do this, you need to get closer to where your box is located. It is to it that you will connect the transmitter of the CPL socket. To achieve this, you must connect the latter to the socket of the internet box. It will then be necessary to connect the latter using an Ethernet cable which will have been given to you with the CPL equipment.

Install the receiver of the CPL socket

When a transmitter intervenes in the installation of a device, this implies that there is a receiver for the latter. This rule is also valid for the installation of the PLC socket. The receiver of the PLC device must be connected to an electrical outlet in your home that you have chosen.

Furthermore, it may happen that you do not have enough wall sockets for such an installation. In this case, the use of a power strip is an alternative that presents itself to you. However, the installation of the power strip will determine the quality of the speed that you will obtain. So you have to do it right.

For proper installation, connect the receiver directly from the PLC socket to the chosen electrical outlet. You will then come to connect your power strip to the connected CPL socket. The guarantee of having a good connection speed is ensured in this case.

Make the connection

When the transmitter and the receiver of the PLC socket are in place, there is not much left for you to do. You must connect your television, computer, or other to the PLC socket connected to your wall socket. For this connection, you must use the second Ethernet cable provided for this purpose. Once this is done, you now have a quality internet connection. The permanent adjustment of the wi-fi will therefore be a task that you will no longer have to manage.

A few precautions to take to optimize the throughput of your installation

In order not to have to complain about the slow speed of your connection, certain measures can be taken. The first is to ensure that the PLC device is directly connected to a wall outlet. Avoid connecting the CPL socket to an extension cord or power strip. If other power supplies are plugged into it, they may negatively impact the throughput quality .

It is also recommended to opt for PLC devices equipped with a filtered socket . This will filter any disturbance caused by the power strip connected to the PLC box.

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