How do I activate donations on Twitch?

Donations are the best way for streamers who engage on the Twitch channel to fund their videos. Donations are used by viewers as a means of communication with streamers. They are beneficial enough for content creators or Twitch partners to generate revenue. There are several donation solutions you can leverage to enable donations. The process of activating these feats can be complicated once you get started. Here is a tutorial that shows how to enable donations on Twitch .

Using Twitch Bits

Bits or cheers are an official donation system of the Twitch streaming platform. Using bits is more complex than simply sending from a button. Bits are a digital currency that can be purchased from Twitch with real world currencies through Amazon Payments. They are only available to Twitch Affiliates and Partners.

Bits are redeemed from the chat box of a Twitch stream. They are used to trigger either an audio or video alert on the screen. Users are often rewarded with badges that display next to their names in the feed chat box. The streamer is likely to earn $1 for every 100 bits used. Discover its use to activate donations.

  • Twitch is automatically enabling Cheering for newbie steamers and partners.
  • After Cheering is automatically enabled, you will see its settings under Dashboard, Partner Setting, Bits and Cheering.
  • Viewers are now able to mine their bits thanks to the “cheer up ” button in your channel.

The number of bits they wish to exploit are also indicated. Thus Cheer1000 implies the use of 1000 bits and cheer5 for 5 bits.

Paypal donations on Twitch: how to activate them?

Paypal is easy to use for accepting donations on Twitch. With Paypal, the streamer has the possibility to directly receive money from his viewers from his e-mail address linked to the Paypal account. To do this, the streamer simply needs to define a link. This link will allow him to more easily codify the process so that the viewer can properly understand the journey. Here is a method to activate donations with Follow the next steps:

  • include your full address when streaming, preferably verbally,
  • put your link in your channel’s chat box,
  • Add a donation section to your Twitch Channel by visiting your channel.


Then click on the Edit Panels button and then on the (+) symbol. Enter the title and description of the panel and put your link in the description, consider writing a short message explaining why viewers would donate. The objective is to attract the attention of your viewers in order to encourage them to make donations to you.

The use of Bitcoin and some cryptocurrencies

Many people today use cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum to send and receive money online. These electronic currencies are fast and efficient. In the same way, taking these means to get donations on Twitch is also simple. Find out how to do it below.

Choose your cryptocurrency wallet app and open it (Bitpay is the most used wallet app for beginners). Press the Receive button , regardless of the chosen wallet. Click on the address that appears (the wallet address) and copy it to your phone’s clipboard. Build a donation column on your channel profile. Paste the wallet address in the Description field and mention the recipient cryptocurrency. Take a screenshot of the QR code as soon as the receive section appears.

After these steps, you are eligible to receive Bitcoins.

Enabling Donations from Twitch Page Services

It is possible for Twitch streamers to log into their account and benefit from additional services. These services allow you to create donation pages: StreamLabs, Stream Elements… These pages are unique and you can direct your viewers to them to make donations. Here’s how to activate a donation page on Streamlabs:

  • click Donation Setting from your StreamLabs Dashboard,
  • then click on the PayPal Icon to connect your PayPal account to StreamLabs: viewers will be able to send donations directly to your PayPal account through the donations page,
  • go to Donation Settings > Settings on your management page and choose your currency and donation amount interval,
  • then click on Save settings just at the bottom of the page,
  • copy the website address of your donation page that will appear and submit it to the donation part of the Twitch channel you are hosting.

It is not advisable to set the minimum donation amount to $5. This would not motivate your viewers and you will be less likely to get donations from them. So choose reasonable amounts.

Two tips for investing in cryptocurrency

Nowadays, cryptocurrency has become an easy and fast way to earn money effortlessly. Many platforms like Twitch use cryptocurrencies. Only, there is a colossal number of sites where you can invest your money in cryptocurrency, but there are also many different cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum for example. Regarding cryptocurrency, you can find more advice here .

Understand the concept

Before investing in cryptocurrency, it is essential to know and understand the Blockchain system. Also, learn about the different cryptocurrencies and what makes them different. Indeed, cryptocurrency is a digital currency that not everyone knows. This is why, it is necessary to understand the concept well before investing in this field.

Stay informed on developments in cryptocurrency

As explained above, there are many different cryptocurrencies. Some are more popular than others because their value is higher. The value of the currency can change, this also applies to cryptocurrency. This is why it is necessary to analyze the state of the market, as well as the value of the cryptocurrency before investing. Because of this variable, you can lose all your investments or, conversely, double your capital.

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