How to boost your PC for free?

Computer programs are constantly evolving over time. It is the computers that suffer from this situation. Indeed, the performance of some PCs today no longer manages to meet the requirements of programs that are too advanced. If you are facing this problem, rather than replacing the device, you can simply boost it. Here are the tricks to achieve it on your laptop for free.

Optimize the software part of the machine

To make a PC more efficient, software performance must be optimized. This task does not require a lot of computer knowledge. So you can do it if you are a computer newbie.

Perform hard drive defragmentation

If your laptop uses a mechanical disk rather than an SSD, defragmenting is the first step. This favors a reorganization of all the elements of the disc. The goal is to have these in a specific order. Once the operation is completed, the speed (reading) of your disc increases significantly. To perform this operation, open your disk defragmenter. You find the program by searching in the “start” menu of the PC. Launch it then select the part of the disk you want to defragment. Once done, run the defragmentation.

Perform system settings

The Windows operating system has undergone a lot of improvements over time. It should, however, be noted that these can sometimes prove to be less profitable for certain computers. The visual aspect of the system, like the various effects that have been integrated, take precedence over the performance of the PC. To solve this problem which slows down the computer a lot, you need to make some adjustments.

Go to the panel level that allows the user to adjust the appearance and performance of the system. Click on the “visual effect” tab and then select the option to make the adjustment for the purpose of optimizing performance. If this process can be done automatically, know that you also have the possibility of doing it according to your needs. Indeed, it is possible to activate or deactivate certain effects. It is therefore up to you to choose which ones you wish to do without.

Free up disk space

Whether you use an SSD or mechanical drive, a lack of space can reduce the performance of your machine. For Windows to work properly, you must reserve enough space on your disk. Too much reduction of it can cause Windows to slow down. The bar serving as an indicator of available space turns red when it drops to a certain level. In addition, if the available space is below a threshold, it is possible that the computer stops working altogether. To boost your device, get rid of unnecessary files or get an external medium on which to keep some data.

Replace components to boost the PC

If after optimizing the software side, you do not get satisfaction, consider changing the components (hardware).

Change hard drive

Replacing the old disk can be the solution to all your slowness problems or other bugs. If these internal data carriers were expensive at one time, this is no longer the case. Rather than buying a new hard drive, get an internal solid -state drive . Unlike the first, it has a flash memory as is the case with USB keys. The latter allows the SSD drive to operate much faster than a simple HDD drive.

In addition, the presence of this property increases the life of the material. If you choose to buy an SSD, you can take the Sata format available in 2.5″ or M.2. It is also possible to choose the NVMe format (M.2 or PCI Express). If this one is the most expensive, it is also the fastest version. On the other hand, to choose, take into account the location of the motherboard of your computer. Also check the available space and the PC connections.

Increase Ram Memory

The RAM of a computer largely determines the power of the device. So remember to replace it or increase it if you notice a performance defect. Before making the purchase, first of all find out the model of the PC’s motherboard. Through an internet search, you can find out the total RAM capacity that the computer can support. Also check your Windows version. With older editions, for example, the total RAM capacity that the machine can support is limited.

Don’t forget to check the number of available slots. There can be at most two slots for RAM. If your computer has two slots, consider buying a module to simply increase the RAM. On the other hand, if there is only one slot, you need to buy a new RAM with a better capacity. The installation time depends on the configuration of your PC. Some devices require, in fact, a preliminary dismantling. In this case, allow at most twenty minutes to complete the operation.

All in all, to boost your PC, first take a look at the software part. You can then replace the RAM and disk if the problem is not solved.

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