What is a streamer: How to become a streamer?

Streaming technology is becoming more and more important in our lives. Since the Internet has become more democratic, many platforms allow the distribution of multimedia content online, without downloading . Used in several sectors, thanks to this technique the transmission of a continuous audiovisual flow has become legion. Scalable, this protocol gives rise to a new concept: that of the streamer.

If you have never heard of it, a streamer is anyone who broadcasts audiovisual content to an audience using the technique of streaming. Become a profession, discover everything you need to become a streamer.

What is a streamer?

In general, a streamer is an individual who develops and distributes multimedia content online, intended for a specific audience. The notion of streamer is analogous to that of streaming. A technique allows instant playback of videos or music without having to download them. In other words, it is a stream of digital, audiovisual data broadcast live or slightly delayed.

In the world of video games, streamers are video game enthusiasts. The latter broadcast live sessions of the games they play to their communities. They broadcast live on various interfaces accessible to viewers such as: Twitch, YouTube Gaming or web TV.

A streamer is distinguished from other players by his talents as a strategist, tactician as well as his talents as a commentator . Being an experienced gamer, a streamer doesn’t just play live. He must also comment on his actions during his game session and also answer questions asked via the chat interface, to maintain his credibility with viewers.

What skills do you need to become a streamer?

One of the main bases of this profession is to be a good player but also a good animator. He must always prepare his live upstream in order to avoid technical constraints for his visible activity. To this, other skills are added. A good streamer must be:

  • Passionate and professional;
  • Organized and rigorous;
  • Entertaining and endowed with good elocution;
  • Involved and ready to invest;
  • Listening to its community;
  • Open to criticism.

As with any profession, you only need to flourish to be productive. It all starts with passion, yours will be a real engine to develop your audiovisual concept. Also, viewers are usually drawn to atypical personalities that exude entertaining energy. Don’t hesitate to be fluid and fun during your live. Other artistic and technical skills must be solid, such as the mastery of video and graphic editing, animation.

How to start Twitch and become a streamer?

Reserved for many years only for gaming, the twitch platform is becoming more democratic in other sectors such as cooking, sports predictions, film reviews, political debates, etc.

To benefit from Twitch’s streaming services, the first logical step is to have a Twitch profile . Creating an account on the platform is done simply by clicking on “register” and then filling out the form. Then secure your account using a double authentication called 2FA. If you are registering via mobile, you will need to download the app first.

Getting started in streaming requires having encoding software in your possession, these programs allow the recording as well as the broadcasting of video and audio of various formats, sizes and frequencies . Two of the most popular software are OBS and Xplist. To get started in streaming, OBS studio is probably the best choice. Free software compatible with all operating systems. Once installed, configure your software by following all the steps as well as the manufacturer’s guide.

To start streaming on twitch, first go to your software settings, go to streams and choose twitch as your streaming platform. Then access your account on this interface, then access the dashboard. This will be your command center. There is all the information relating to the live including the language, the game you are playing, the start of the launch of the live etc. As well as the configurations to be done before its launch, it is therefore important to familiarize yourself with the dashboards, and take your bearings before you embark on a live.

Another detail before launching your live is the optimization preferences, if you have a good connection click on low latency this will allow viewers to follow your actions in real time.

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