What Does 7u7 Mean in Facebook Chat, Whatsapp and Other Social Networks

The 7u7 emoji is widely used in social networks, but not many know its meaning, for that reason, we will show you what the 7u7 emoji means and what it is used for.

What is the Meaning of 7u7 and When is It Used

In social networks it is very common to come across strange emojis, that very few know their meaning and on many occasions they send us those emojis and we are lost, since we do not know their meaning.

In the case of 7u7 it means a mischievous or perverted face, its meaning can be taken in several ways, but it is mainly used to show someone sexual interest or to insinuate something in a provocative way.

The meaning is directed towards a single point, but people give it a different interpretation, since some use it to say «I rape you», «We are going to be here in the dark», «Let’s go to bed» or put it at the end of a sentence or comment symbolizes mischief or something with a double meaning, like saying “Kiss me 7u7” or “Take me 7u7” but not in a tender way, rather from a perverted point of view.

The following image perfectly represents the 7u7 emoticon:

What does 7u7 mean on Facebook and Other Social Networks

Whenever someone sends you the 7u7 emoji, it is a clear invitation to do something perverted, for that reason, it is classified as an emoji for adults, since it symbolizes mischief and sexual interest in the other person.

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