What Does UwU Mean: The True Meaning of this Emoji

The uwu emoji is widely used in social networks, but not everyone knows its meaning, for that reason we will show you what the uwu emoji means and when you should use it.

What is the meaning of UwU and how to use it

The uwu emoticon began to be used in Japan, guided by the characters in the manga, where the character’s face was presented with a uwu that means tenderness when seeing something cute or showing happiness when seeing something that you like very much.

Many people use the uwu emoji to express that something is cute, cute, or touching. One of its most common uses is when they send you an image or a message of love , where you can respond with a UwU, showing that you thought that detail was cute and that you are very happy.

Many also use it to flirt with the people they like.

You can also use it to show embarrassment when asking for something, how (would you like to go out with me one day UwU), the other person understands that you ask the question with great affection but a little embarrassed .

Now you know what UwU means and when you should use it.

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