What does LOL mean in WhatsApp Chat, Facebook, Twitter and Other Social Networks

LOL is an expression that you surely saw on social networks, but not many know its meaning, for that reason, we will show you what lol means and when to use it.

What is the meaning of LOL and when to use it

LOL is an acronym of two widely used expressions in English laugh out loud and lost of laughs ), these expressions are translated into Spanish, such as ‘dead of laughter’, ‘party of laughter’ , ‘ laugh without stopping’, ‘laugh out loud’ or “lots of laughs” , by placing the expression lol in a chat or in a comment you imply that you found it very funny and that it caused you a lot of humor.

You can also use it at the end of a sarcastic comment or when making fun of a person. That

What Does LOL Mean in Video Games

LOL are the initials of the video game League of Legends and many of its fans refer to it only with the initials lol, but they also use the expression lol to make fun of other players.

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