How to fix slow computer?

There are several reasons why a computer may start to slow down. Programs take a long time to launch and instant loading of web pages is a thing of the past. An overloaded hard driver could very well be the reason. As you may know, the more you use a computer, the more it fills up with files from various downloads. Could the accumulation of files cause a slowdown ? Or maybe a hardware issue, maybe thermal paste melted on the CPU? Or maybe the RAM sticks are faulty? Indeed, it can be difficult to diagnose.

What to do to fix a very slow computer?

Opting for the purchase of a new PC is not always the solution. If it is a hardware problem caused by components increasing the pc temperature, one can easily purchase replacements for them. Obtain a similar item or better performing replacement. It never hurts to increase the size of RAM or switch from using HDDs to SSDs. However, if hardware replacement is not an option. Or, you simply deemed it useless. Using system tools might fix the problem. Indeed, operating systems such as Windows 10 offer many recovery and repair toolsto their users. These are free tools that can thoroughly clean your PC. This is probably the best thing to do before even considering replacements.

Many guides can be found online, either on dedicated websites or on forums. Offering step-by-step procedures to clean up the software side of your PC, allowing it to speed up again.

How to free up space on a very slow computer?

There are of course good pc usage habits to adapt. For example, leaving at least 20% free space on disk C is essential for the proper functioning of the system. This will allow the system to perform multiple tasks at an adequate speed. This is because sometimes the required system memory exceeds the RAM size, so it turns part of the hard drive space into a swap file. This swap file is used as virtual memoryto fill the need. The more one browses web pages or downloads files, the more temporary files are stored in the C drive. These temporary files will allow the page to load faster in the future, but over time, their accumulations significantly slow down the PC execution speed. A good cleaning will definitely offer a breath of fresh air and really speed up a PC. Here are some things to do that will improve your experience:

  • Run Disk Cleanup tool;
  • Defrag hard drives;
  • Clean your web browser;
  • Delete system and temporary files;
  • Remove unnecessary programs and applications.

Reset to speed up a very slow computer

There is a last resort solution if your computer is still very slow. How about resetting everything? At the end of the operation, your computer will be like new, as fast as it was the first day. Although it is a radical method, it is highly appreciated by most experts. Depending on your skill level and computer knowledge, this may take you up to a full day. Everything will be erased afterwards. This is a very risky method , but as long as you save the files correctly, you should be fine. Don’t forget to back up the files you need. This is preferably done on some type of external hard drive

This operation can vary in difficulty, depending on the packaging of your computer. If it comes with a specific total reinstallation disc, it’s very simple. Just slide the drive into the drive and restart the PC. The reset operation will be initiated and will continue until everything is cleared. Once this is done and you start the PC, you will be asked to install the drivers for various components, graphics card, PC motherboard, PC processor, etc. You should be able to find them in the delivered CDswith the PC when purchased. But if you can’t find them, there are online tools that can detect the drivers you need. Once the reset is complete. You can install the files you backed up to your computer now much faster.

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