Best Apps to Record Calls on iPhone

Recording telephone conversations has always been controversial, and in some countries, is still illegal. In Russia, for example, the secrecy of telephone conversations is protected by Article 138 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. The consequences of violating this secret can be a fine of 80 thousand rubles and even correctional labor for up to one year.

However, if you and your interlocutor are both warned about the recording of the conversation and agree to it, this criminal article does not apply to you. The penalty applies only if you decide to record someone else’s conversation, whose interlocutor you are not, or your own call, without warning the interlocutor about the recording.

In any case, Apple has chosen to protect itself against using the call recording feature for purposes contrary to the laws of the user’s country, and decided to completely refuse to add call recording to the built-in iPhone functionality. Fortunately, app developers on the AppStore provide iPhone users with the ability to record phone conversations for a fee, and sometimes record calls for free with some restrictions.

Such applications work with the help of a conference call: the user dials the number of the interlocutor, then the service number of the application and merges the calls. You can install such applications only on your device, and often at the beginning of a conversation, the program informs both interlocutors about the recording of the current call, so recording a conversation using applications from the AppStore is legal in our country.

In this article, I’ll talk about how the popular iPhone recorders offered by developers in the App Store work, as well as their cost and additional features.

REKK – Call recording

The first app on our list from a Russian developer: REKK – Call Recorder. It should be noted right away that, like other recorders for iPhone, REKK records calls by creating a conference between the user, the interlocutor and the REKK service number.

The advantage of this application is the presence of several ways to record a call – REKK even has the ability to record a call without opening the application itself. If you are familiar with the process of creating a conference, you will have no problems recording conversations using REKK.

In addition, the application has step-by-step instructions with screenshots, as well as a video instruction on the developer’s website showing how to record incoming and outgoing calls.

Additional application features:

  • automatic conversion of conversation into text;
  • the ability to share a record in a messenger or via a link;
  • quick search for an entry by number, entry name or keyword;
  • the ability to leave notes for recorded conversations;
  • no restrictions on the number and duration of entries.

To record calls to mobile numbers, you need to purchase a subscription for a week, month or year, while a subscription for a year (999 rubles) will be the most profitable for the user (about 20 rubles per week).

Link to the application in the AppStore: REKK – Call Recorder

TapeACall Pro: Call Recorder

Another reliable iPhone call recording app with no per-minute charges and no limits on the number of recorded calls.

To record a call with TapeACall Pro during a call, you need to minimize the call screen, open the application and press the record button. As soon as the service number answers the call, don’t forget to click the Merge button to start recording the conversation.

In addition to recording calls, the application has several additional features:

  • upload recordings to Dropbox, Evernote and Google Drive;
  • the ability to send a record by e-mail, SMS or social networks;
  • a guide to information about laws regarding call recording;
  • constant app updates with new features.

A subscription without limits on the number of calls can be purchased for 1 year for 849 rubles.

The application is available in the AppStore: TapeACall Pro

Phone call recording plus

This application allows you to record ten conversations per week without paying a subscription. The utility also supports recording conversations lasting more than an hour.

Service numbers are provided in major cities of Russia (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, etc.), and the user can independently choose the most advantageous service number for him. Recordings of calls can be listened to immediately after the call.

Additional app features include:

  • the ability to share a file in “*.aiff” or “*.wav” formats directly from the application;
  • free trial period;
  • push notifications during a call for quick call recording;
  • the ability to record an unlimited number of calls with a paid subscription.

You can download the application from the link: Record phone calls plus

Call and Voice Recording by ROCKETAPPS LLC

The application differs from previous solutions by the ability to edit recorded calls. Recording is carried out through the creation of a conference, so before buying a subscription, you must definitely check if your operator supports this feature.

The subscription price varies from 650 to about 6000 rubles and depends on the desired functionality and duration of use. It is possible to purchase a perpetual subscription with permanent access to all functions of the recorder.

Main functions:

  • recording incoming and outgoing calls;
  • device screen recording;
  • unlimited number of entries;
  • the ability to record calls of any duration.

Download App: Call & Voice Recorder

Recostar Pro App

Recostar is one of the few call recording apps on the AppStore that doesn’t require you to set up a conference call and merge calls. The application is supported only in Russia, since when making a recording, the user calls the access number to the call recording platform from the BMI Telecom operator (local number in Moscow). A call to this number is charged as a call to the capital in accordance with the tariffs of the user’s mobile operator.

Additional Recostar Features:

  • saving records to the device;
  • storage of records in the cloud;
  • the ability to share the recorded conversation via email, instant messengers and social networks.

The application is paid, the subscription price ranges from 300 to 3400 rubles and depends on the duration of use and the selected functions.

Learn more about the app: Recostar Pro App

Call Recording – IntCall

The application allows you to record long distance and international calls using a conference call. Conversations are saved only on the user’s device, so there is no need to worry about file security.

Developers are constantly updating the program and adding new features, for example, the latest version of the application has the ability to automatically send records to the specified email address.

Other features of the program:

  • export files to cloud storages (Google Drive, Dropbox);
  • save recordings to your computer using iTunes File Sharing;
  • file sharing with WhatsApp;
  • change the file name to quickly find the desired entry.

The application is paid, the subscription price is from 230 to 3800 rubles.

Download the application from the AppStore: Call recording – IntCall

Recording phone calls from Arun Nair

The recorder helps iOS users to record calls without internet connection. To record a call, you need to set up a conference call with a mobile operator. Unlike many recorders for iPhone, the application offers a 3-day trial period so that the user can test the operation and functionality of the application.

Additional features include:

  • the ability to edit the audio recording;
  • text recognition in more than 50 languages;
  • export records to Slack;
  • the ability to distribute records into categories for easy search.

After testing the application, you can cancel or renew your subscription. A weekly subscription costs $6.99, and a monthly subscription is $14.99. Also in the application there is an opportunity to issue an eternal subscription.

Download: Phone Call Recorder

Article Conclusions

I hope this review of the best phone call recording apps for iPhone will help you find a reliable and affordable phone recorder. If you have used the apps listed in this article, or other iPhone recorders, I invite you to share your experience in the comments.

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