How to enter the code on

The security system of all devices on modern operating systems is constantly being improved. This is a response to a challenge from scammers and hackers who are constantly trying to bypass protection and steal data. Passcodes have become the norm, so it’s not surprising that a password may be required when setting up a TV. We’ll help you enter your password at

Why do I need to enter a code?

The role of this access code on the site also comes down to security. Thus, the system guarantees that an unauthorized person will not gain access to your account. Especially since the latest TV models have the ability to use Smart TV with multiple accounts. They work independently of each other (relatively, since there is access to the same files, but the settings are different). With this approach, each family member can customize the TV for themselves.

You may need to enter a code in the following cases:

  • Initial TV setup;
  • The first connection of a set-top box or other device;
  • After automatic update;
  • At the time of logging into the TV, if the account protection system is enabled.

How to enter the code on

Most often, it is when you connect the set-top box to the TV that you are prompted to enter an access code through the site The setup process is as follows:

  1. When you are prompted to sign in to your Google account, you must agree and provide authorization data.
  2. Next, choose which device the owner is going to use to set up the TV. It is better to choose the option: “Use phone or computer.”
  3. In the next menu, a page should appear that says, asking you to go to This is the procedure for connecting a new device. It will pass quickly and without problems if all devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  4. Open the Google app on your phone and go to
  5. A field should appear where you need to enter a 6-digit code. The code itself will be displayed on the TV screen.
  6. If everything went well, a “Device connected” notification will appear.
  7. We agree with the warnings and give the necessary permissions.

The procedure for entering the passcode looks like this in general terms, but in practice it may differ slightly depending on the device, operating system version, launcher type, etc. Everything works quite logically, so there should be no problems.

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