Error CE-34224-5 on PS4: How to fix it

We’ve seen quite a few threads on Reddit about error CE-34224-5 saying that the application couldn’t start. It concerns completely different games, only a few of them: God of War, The Last of Us Remastered, Mad Max. Together we tried to fix this error using a variety of techniques: from working with settings to initializing the system. Here’s what we were able to find out.

What should be done?

The quick answer is to send the console to a service center. The fact is that cleaning the disk, replacing cables, initializing the system, creating a new user, restoring licenses and much more – does not work. Even replacing hard drives does not give a positive result. All cases of correction known to us are reduced to repair in the service center. We don’t know what exactly is broken, but it’s some kind of hardware failure. Unfortunately, Sony does not say what they did during the repair, no matter how much they asked for it.

Conclusion – do not waste time trying to fix error CE-34224-5 yourself. You need to send it to a service center. Especially lucky for those whose console is still under warranty. The rest will have to pay. But in this case, it may be possible to find out what repair was carried out.

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