How to fix error CE-42288-4 on PS4?

Error CE-42288-4 can affect different games, as it prevents authorization in the PlayStation Network, and therefore also does not allow you to use online services. This is a serious detriment for gamers who are used to playing online, including with their friends. This error, although not well studied, already has several effective solutions. We have analyzed all the known threads on the forums (including foreign ones) that are dedicated to this failure and are ready to provide 2 ways to solve the problem.

How to fix error CE-42288-4 on PS4?

It appears that the cause of the error is a corrupted account data on the device. You need to restore files that were incorrectly modified and now do not work as they should. The following methods will help achieve this goal.

What should be done:

  • Restore database . To do this, you need to turn off the console completely by holding the power button. It is important to turn it off completely, and not put it into standby mode. Then hold the start button for about 7 seconds until a second beep appears. Using the controller, select the “Restore Database” option. I must say that in safe mode you can only work with the DUALSHOCK 4 joystick by connecting it via USB.
  • Account Manipulation . You need to create a new user on the console, after which you will be prompted to set up PSN. You should try logging in with your PSN credentials. Most likely now an error will appear, you need to return to the original profile and log into your account. Everything should go smoothly this time.

Now you know what to do if error CE-42288-4 occurs on the PlayStation 4. Usually, these measures are enough and you do not have to resort to extreme methods, such as resetting to factory settings.

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