How to enable aptX on the phone and why is it needed?

A simple instruction for enabling the atpX audio codec on smartphones.

The sound of wireless headphones can be significantly improved by activating the aptX audio codec on your phone. We tell you how to enable aptX on the phone, and what it can give the user.

Audio codecs are used when transmitting audio from your phone to your wireless headphones. Therefore, the sound quality and the absence or presence of a delay largely depend on which codec is used. Most devices use the standard SBC codec . It differs in that it significantly reduces the sound quality in Bluetooth headphones, so many users want to change it to a more advanced audio codec – aptX . It provides not only a more pleasant sound, but also less sound delay , which is absolutely important in mobile online games and when watching videos.

You can change the audio codec in the settings of the smartphone itself. However, it will only work if both the headphones and the phone support it. You can find out which audio codecs Bluetooth devices support using the third-party program Wireshark .

How do I enable aptX on my phone?

To activate the aptX audio codec on your phone, follow the instructions below:

  1. First you need to open the phone settings and select the “About phone” or “About device” section in them (depending on the model of the mobile device).
  2. Next, you need to switch to developer mode . To do this, find the line “Build number” and click on it 7 times in a row. After that, the developer mode is activated, about which the user will be notified using the inscription that appears at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Next, you need to return to the general settings of the phone and find the “For Developers” section that appears in it.
  4. In it, select the “Audio codec” item. The user will see the entire list of available codecs, but only those that are supported by both the headphones and the phone work. Then in the list you need to find and activate the aptX audio codec.

If aptX is supported by both devices, after activating it, it will immediately start working. This can be determined by the improved sound quality and reduced latency.

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