How to check screen resolution

How to check screen resolution. You can find out the screen resolution of your phone through settings, third-party apps, or by taking a screenshot. In the article we will tell you how to find out the screen resolution of a smartphone in all ways.

How to check phone screen resolution through settings?

You may need to know the screen resolution of your phone when using certain programs or applications. If they are compatible, then the program will work flawlessly. If the resolution does not meet the requirements, working with the application may be accompanied by errors, image distortion, and so on. In addition, the exact resolution allows you to choose the right image, for example, for the desktop background or lock screen.

Not on all mobile devices, the screen resolution can be found in the settings. However, first of all, it is worth trying this particular method, since it is one of the easiest and fastest. For example, on Samsung smartphones, this method is guaranteed to work. To find out the screen resolution, the user needs to:

  1. Open phone settings.
  2. Select the “Display” section.
  3. In the list of settings and indicators, find and click on the line “Screen resolution”.

Several values ​​will be available here, one of which is currently activated. This number of dots is the phone’s current screen resolution. The largest number listed is the maximum phone screen resolution that you can select manually. It is this number that should be used for comparison with the requirements of applications or programs.

How to check screen resolution through AIDA64 app?

On many smartphones, for example, Xiaomi (Redmi), you cannot find out the screen resolution in the settings. To do this, you need to use third-party applications that read information about all smartphone indicators (temperature, sensor status, etc.) and provide it to the owner in an understandable form. One such free app is AIDA64. To find out the screen resolution, follow the simple instructions:

  1. Install AIDA64 via Google Play.
  2. Launch the application and select the “Display” section.
  3. The first line of the menu that opens is “Screen Resolution”. Next to it, the number of points that the owner of the phone needs to know will be placed. It also contains information about the diagonal of the screen, its size,  pixel density , DPI and refresh rate .

How to know screen resolution using screenshot?

A simple screenshot can help you quickly find out the screen resolution of your smartphone. To use this method, you must:

  1. Take a screenshot. Usually, you need to simultaneously hold down the lock button and the volume up button. On some models, you need to swipe the edge of your hand across the screen from right to left to take a screenshot.
  2. Open the gallery and find the screenshot you took.
  3. Click on the ellipsis, on the “Details” (“Details”) button, or on the “i” icon to open additional information about the image.
  4. The resolution of the screenshot taken will be equal to the resolution of the phone screen itself.

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