Advantages and characteristics of modern robot vacuum cleaners

It is not always rational to use a robot vacuum cleaner in home cleaning.For example, if in a small apartment the rooms are densely covered with furniture, it is more correct to use a classic or vertical device. In such conditions, it is easier and faster to clean with it. But for large living spaces with a minimum number of obstacles, an intelligent vacuum cleaner is suitable. With it, you practically do not have to work with your hands. It will be necessary to perform only a few simple manipulations:

  • shake out garbage from the container;
  • add water;
  • configure the cleaning algorithm;
  • change a napkin;
  • sometimes clean the vacuum cleaner itself.

The advantages of the device will allow you to relieve yourself and practically not think about cleaning the floor.

Why should you buy a robot vacuum cleaner?

Such a device will cost a little more than a classic, vertical or washing analogue. But it is not as inaccessible as many Ukrainians think. Of course, the prices are different, as everywhere, but you can buy a good robot cleaner for 5-10 thousand hryvnias. There are also more expensive models. But no matter how much you have to pay for it, the comfort is worth it.

The advantages of intelligent devices include the following:

  • Absolute autonomy . Everything you need to do is listed in the previous section. The robot itself analyzes the room and chooses the best cleaning algorithm. Along the laid route, he will move centimeter by centimeter until he cleans all the rooms. If the battery charge drops to a critical level, the vacuum cleaner will go to charge itself. And then continue cleaning from the same place. You can be anywhere at this time, even in another city.
  • Cleaning various surfaces . Modern models can vacuum both hard surfaces (wood, tiles, tiles, laminate, linoleum, etc.) and carpets with piles of different lengths.
  • Thorough cleaning . He will not miss a single square centimeter of space in the room to which he has access. Some difficulties may arise in corners and near obstacles. You may have to check the quality of cleaning there.
  • Duration of work on one charge . The battery capacity of modern devices is enough to clean an apartment/house several times. Only a small number of models hold a charge for 60-90 minutes. In others, this indicator is much higher — up to 180 minutes or more.
  • Power regulation . The robot in automatic mode can increase and decrease the suction power. This allows high-quality vacuuming of various coatings and surfaces, as well as choosing a quiet mode for cleaning at night, if it was not possible to start the vacuum cleaner before.

Thanks to sensors and sensors, the robot not only analyzes the cleaning area, but also sees obstacles, height differences, distance to walls, etc.

You can control almost all models through a smartphone. To do this, you just need to install the appropriate application. In it, you can give commands to your assistant, control the cleaning process, see the charge level, etc.

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