How to record calls on iPhone

How to record calls on iPhone: Sometimes you might be interested in recording the calls on your iPhone in order to have them stored as evidence or simply to later consult them and write down some data that you do not remember. The truth is that, although it should be a simple task, it is not in iOS.

Such a simple action would have to be easy to execute, but in this case we did not run into the wall of the iOS operating system. Contrary to what happens on Android, where there are different free apps that are easy to configure, recording calls is very complex on your iPhone.

iOS does not have a native option to record calls, nor are there apps that record for free like those for Android, those on the AppStore are usually free, but downloading is one thing and quite another is the functionality it offers, which most Most of the time you have to pay.

This shows that iOS offers limitations in this regard compared to Android and Apple wants the privacy of its users to be above all else, which is why it has probably never offered a native possibility in the system to easily record calls.

But then, is there any easy option to record calls on iPhone? There are some, but they are quite rudimentary possibilities and sometimes you could not use them or they are too comfortable, although you can always resort to an app from the AppStore and try to see if it works.

Record calls from your computer

The easiest option if you are at home to record incoming and outgoing calls from your iPhone requires the use of a computer with a microphone to record them . This is what you have to do:

  1. Open Windows 10 or Windows 11 Sound Recorder. Then, place the call on your iPhone, turn the speaker on louder, and move iPhone closer to the microphone.
  2. Immediately hit the record button on the Windows recorder and the call will start recording. When you hang up don’t forget to stop the recording.

This system has its drawbacks, for example, if you have people nearby your conversation will be heard and you must have the phone near your PC microphone to record the call. In addition, you will not always be near the phone or waiting to open the recorder and start recording it.

This rudimentary method would be more comfortable to use when you are going to make the call, since it will give you time to open the recorder, start the call, put the speaker on and record it, otherwise, between preparing everything and taking the call and everything else is more cumbersome.

You may have realized that recording calls on iOS without using apps is not easy, the system that we have explained to you may seem silly, but it can get you out of more than one jam sometimes. Similarly, if you want to record WhatsApp calls, you could also do it like this.

With the Buroboz app

An app that you can use is Buroboz , but you should know something beforehand. Its download is free, but not the service it offers because it is paid. The point is that you will have to make the calls from the application interface and not from the Phone app that comes with your iPhone.

Through Buroboz you will be able to make calls, record them and carry out other types of tasks. The recording of incoming calls is more complicated because it requires the activation of the iPhone’s call forwarding so that it goes through the app, a process that is not exactly simple.

With CallRecorder

Another application that you can use is Call Recorder , but once again you must take into account two things, that the download of the app is free, but not the use of the service that costs €8.99 per week, although it includes a trial of 3 days. Then you can pay €42.99 every 3 months.

For Call Recorder to make the calls you will have to make them from the app, just dial the number and the conversations will be stored. Remember that recording calls is legal as long as you participate in it, what you cannot do is record third parties.

You will have seen that recording calls on an iPhone is a complex and difficult issue , the operating system does not allow it and the apps that are in the AppStore do not make the task much easier either because all of them, although they are free, force you to pay high amounts of money.

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