How to find out who owns a phone number

How to find out who owns a phone number: Sometimes we receive calls and it is not always from a contact that we have saved on our mobile, so we probably want to know whose phone number has just called us in order to have an idea of ​​who wants to contact us.

It is not easy to identify the origin of the number, although you could know it because before you, surely other people must have done searches, have given their opinion and others, although what you can be clear about is that if it is a dangerous number , surely there is enough information in Internet.

The truth is that just by having a person’s phone number you can find out a lot on the Internet, so you have to be careful where you write it. Even with the ID number you can know many things , so analyze well where you enter these two pieces of information.

Returning to the subject, it is important that you know that there are different ways to find out who a phone number belongs to , we will show you below, some may be more useful than others, so if one option does not work for you, try another of them.

How to find out who owns a phone number

Here are some ways to find out who owns a phone number.

via google

The quickest and most logical way to know who is calling us is to write the phone number that called us in Google. The results will tell us if it is a highly searched number, if it is a scam, spam, if it belongs to a company and any other type of information.

You can be sure that if it is a number of a telephone company, insurance sales, commercials that call or even some scam, you will find websites that are dedicated exclusively to users showing their comments about calls from those numbers.

In other words, they are websites through which we can locate who has called us on the vast majority of occasions and find out what opinions other users have about those calls. Some of these well-known websites are ListaSpam, Who calls me, Tellows, etc.

On the other hand, if the number you have made the query does not show any information like the one we have mentioned, it is likely that the telephone number belongs to an individual who has called you, from a company, etc.

With the True Caller app

TrueCaller is an app that is free, but it has an improved version that is paid for, although the free version is more than enough for practically all users who want to have an incoming call recognition tool on their phone.

The app tells us if we should answer the call or not . At a glance, it tells us the number of reports that number has had, if it is dangerous to answer, who is calling, the number, the location, etc. That is, very valuable information is displayed.

With the Hiya app

Another alternative to TrueCaller could be Hiya, which allows you to know the origin of a number from its introduction within the app thanks to a large database that is updated every so often.

Even with Hiya you can generate a blacklist of numbers to prevent calls from those numbers, so you ignore them and they don’t call you anymore, useful when they constantly call you from a certain number.

Calling back

If none of the previous apps or even Google offers you an answer, to find out who is behind a phone number you can perform a basic action, call back . This is possible in most cases.

So, if you’re expecting an important call from a bank, a doctor’s appointment, or anything else, call the number.

What you have to do is call that number and ask who called you , it is the easiest way to find out who called, although it is true that if they are long switchboard numbers, many of them do not allow you to call again.

In that case, all you have to do is wait again or use Google to find out which person or company is trying to contact you. If you do not find a result, just wait for a new call, if it is important they will call you again.

Opening a WhatsApp conversation

It may seem silly, but you can open a WhatsApp conversation after having saved the number in your contact list, although before opening a chat and asking, you can learn data.

Many people have their WhatsApp profile open so that anyone who adds it to their contact list can see the photo they have in their account, so try to see if the unknown phone number has any image , so you could know who it is .

If you are not able to recognize the person, either because you have never seen him or because he simply does not have a photo, you have no choice but to talk to him on WhatsApp and try to have a conversation so that he can identify himself and tell you why has called.

Contact your operator

Another way to know who is calling you from a number is by contacting your operator if they are very insistent, they could give you an answer about what person or company could be calling you constantly.

It is easy to talk to your operator, for example, you have multiple ways to contact Orange and also to contact Movistar , or another operator depending on which country you are from, surely your operator has a specific number to call them or any other way to contact them.

What it is about in the end is to try to know the person who calls you from a certain phone number , so you can find out what is the reason for his call if he does it from a number that you did not have saved or that you simply did not know.

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