Restricted Calls: Every Thing You Must Know

Surely at some time, when making a phone call, you have received a message informing you that this number has restricted calls . Well, it is something unusual, so it continues to generate doubts.

The fact of having restricted calls is something to which we are all entitled, we can take care of that ourselves. There are 3 types of restrictions , or something specific for all calls, or temporarily or indefinitely for certain numbers.

Having restricted calls can be a way of making correct use of our mobile, that is, we can have a company number in which we only have calls from clients or office numbers on an allowed list and have the number blocked . rest of the numbers so they don’t bother us.

What are restricted calls?

They are another way of referring to blocked numbers , or blacklisted numbers . But we can restrict, even before they bother us. Next we will show you how we can restrict calls on Android.

Each mobile has its own personalization layer , but if we enter the call dialing menu, and follow these steps, we will be able to restrict calls:

  1. Once in the calls menu look for “Settings” .
  2. Look for the ” Additional services ” option (on Samsung mobiles).
  3. Now click on “Call barring” .
  4. Click on “All incoming” .

In this way you will be blocking all incoming numbers, and therefore, you will have all calls restricted.Once you become available again, do not forget to deactivate that function.

You will also find the option “Diversion” . This allows you to forward all calls to another number. This option is very useful when you travel abroad but your company does not include roaming and one of your companions does.

The other way is to edit the numbers that we do not want to call us, for this we go to the call dialing menu.

  1. Within the settings click on “Block numbers” .
  2. We click on the gear, or something similar that takes us to the menu of blocked numbers.
  3. We give it to add and we have several options (recent numbers, one of the contacts in the phonebook or another number you want).

In short, when someone has restricted calls , it means that they have certain phone numbers blocked and do not allow calls to be made.

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