Overwatch: Could – Error: not locate resources (0xE00300D0)

Many Overwatch: Could players encountered Error: not locate resources (0xE00300D0) when launching the game. This error pursues exclusively users of the PC version of the video game and is manifested by the fact that the application simply does not start. This problem only affects the game itself, since “Battle.net” is currently operating normally.

The exact reasons for the error code 0xE00300D0 are not yet known exactly. However, users who encountered it noticed that the appearance of the error is most often accompanied by game updates and / or the appearance of new game characters. There are many solutions offered – here is a list of the most effective ones according to reviews on different gaming resources.

Solution # 1

The first thing to do in this situation is to check if there is enough hard disk space.

To run Overwatch, the minimum required amount of free space is 30 gigabytes, but it is better to free up more space. Because if it is hard loaded and even if the video game starts, there is a big risk of a drop in the performance of the game graphics. If there is enough space, then the reason is different.

Solution # 2

Antiviruses very often cause errors when downloading, installing, launching this game, especially the pirated version. So there is a “crack” – a cracked exe-file, antivirus programs remove useful files of the game along with the “crack”. Therefore, if you get the error “Unable to find resources (0xE00300D0), your antivirus may well be the cause.

In this case, do not disable, namely completely remove all anti-virus programs from the computer and re-run the game installation file. Then download the antivirus again, but before starting the game, be sure to turn it off for a while. It is also recommended that Overwatch be excluded (or whitelisted) by antivirus software. (user suggested their own solution) “For people who have the same problem or want to know how to fix this error, this fixed it for me:

Decision no. 3

For a full launch and normal operation in the gameplay Overwatch, you need up-to-date drivers. Before downloading new drivers, you need to check the version that you have installed.

  • Press the Windows + R combination.
  • Enter DxDiag in the line. Click OK.
  • Next, in the tab that opens, go to “DirectX Diagnostic Tools” then to “Display”. The manufacturer of the video card is listed in the “Device” menu, and the driver version is opposite.

Go directly to the manufacturer’s website and download the latest drivers for your hardware:

  • NVidia –https://www.nvidia.ru/Download/index.aspx?lang=ru

  • AMD –https://www.amd.com/ru/support

After installation, restart your computer to avoid the slightest chance of crashes as much as possible.

Decision no. 4

Go to the folder where Overwatch is installed. Right-click “overwatch.exe” and select “Properties”. Then go to the Compatibility tab. Select the version of Windows you need. Check “Run this program as administrator” / “Apply” / “OK”.

Then launch Overwatch using the exe or in the battle.net launcher.

Decision no. 5

This method has helped many players to fix error 0xE00300D0 in Overwatch.

  • Open “Battle.net”.
  • Go to the game folder “Overwatch”.
  • Then move Overwatch.exe together with Launcher.exe to the trash bin or another folder.
  • Return to “Battle.net” and go to the “Options” section of the game, then “Scan and repair” (or “Check and repair”).

Restart the video game.

Decision no. 6

In some cases, the Windows Firewall game is due to which it does not start and the specified error occurs. Therefore, Overwatch needs to be added to the firewall exceptions.

  • Go to Start and Control Panel.
  • A tab will open where you need to select “Change settings”. If the game is not listed, click “Allow another program”.
  • The Add Application tab will open. At the bottom is the “Browse” button with which to find Overwatch: Could.
  • Click Add. Then, in the list of allowed programs, opposite the file with the game you added, check the boxes for “Public network” and “Private”. Click OK.

Your whole game is in firewall exceptions – run.

Decision no. 7

If you still could not solve the problem “not locate resources (0xE00300D0)”, then the cardinal method remains – uninstalling Overwatch: Could.

  • Go to the “Start” / “Control Panel” menu.
  • In the field that opens, select the “Programs and Features” section.
  • Find the installation file of the game in the list and click on it. Then at the top “Delete”.
  • After completely removing Overwatch from your computer, download the game again, but only with the antivirus disabled.
  • At the same time, do not forget to download the latest versions of the Microsoft Visual C ++, DirectX, Microsoft .NET Framework libraries.

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