Waiting for the Play Market to download: what to do, how to fix it?

Android OS users from year to year face various problems on their devices. One of the most common troubles arises when downloading applications: the “eternal” waiting for the Play Market to download. What to do in such a situation? To fix “infinite” loading, we will look at several methods below.

The first way to get rid of waiting for downloads in the play market is the simplest and fastest. It consists in rebooting your device to exclude possible failures in the phone system. After the reload, try downloading any app from the market. The banal reason for the problem is “why does the wait for downloads write in the play market?” may be a slow speed of the mobile Internet, running out of traffic, unstable wi-fi connection. We advise you to open a browser and try to load any site to check the quality of your Internet connection. A modern smartphone implies the purchase of a flash card to increase the amount of memory, which may lead to the question “why applications are not downloaded to Google Play”? You need to make sure that the flash drive is working. Remove the card from your phone and try downloading the app. Buy a card reader or any other gadget that can check the health of the drive. Trouble in the play market may occur due to auto-updates. Probably, when the program is loaded into the download, other applications are being updated, for this reason the programs you have selected are not downloaded. To exclude constant updates, do the following:

  • Open the Play Market-> press the menu button (3 stripes) in the upper left corner of the screen.
  • We go to “My applications and games”.
  • A menu appears showing the programs and games that are being updated or that can be updated.
  • Scroll down the list: if there is an update button next to each utility, the problem lies elsewhere.
  • If automatic download is enabled, go to settings-> Auto-updates-> click Never.

Clearing the cache. The method consists in deleting the temporary information accumulated by the phone when downloading from the service, namely from the play market. Excessive clutter of memory allocated for storing such data can slow down the work of not only applications, but also the phone itself. Follow these steps:

  • Go to device settings -> Applications.
  • We are looking for the line Play Store.
  • Go to the item “Memory” -> “click” Clear cache “and” Reset “-> confirm the actions in the pop-up windows (in relation to Android versions from 6.0 and higher).
  • In earlier updates to the smartphone system, the reset and clear buttons are located in the Play Market tab.
  • Finally, click on the “menu” and remove the updates, followed by confirmation of the action.
  • Wait until the market updates are removed, after which the service will restore the original version. Provide a stable internet connection so that the app can automatically update to the latest version.

The methods above did not bring results? We “liquidate” the data of the Google account. Follow the instructions below:

  • Turn on the smartphone settings menu -> “Accounts” -> “Google”.
  • At the bottom of the display you can see the trash can icon, click on it, click “delete account”. All account information will be deleted.
  • We repeat the first point described above.
  • Click the icon that says “Add account”.
  • In the menu that opens, select “Google”.
  • A window will open with the input of the phone number or email address from the account (if you wish, you can also create a new account here).
  • Enter the appropriate data -> further.
  • We type the password -> next.
  • Confirm all agreements and terms provided by Google services.
  • Try downloading apps from the market.

The final option (if the service stubbornly writes “waiting for download”) is to reset the phone to the factory state of the system. Please note that the wipe will lead to the elimination of all files and settings on the device. Algorithm:

  • Settings -> Restore and reset (depending on the version of android, the indicated tab may be located in the “Advanced” or “Advanced settings” item).
  • We click “Reset settings”, we confirm the manipulation.

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