How to turn off the Amazon Fire TV Stick

Following some advice, you finally decided to buy the Amazon Fire TV Stick , or an HDMI “stick” that allows you to access a myriad of smart features (for example, streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video). All in all, you are satisfied with the device and its ease of use but, despite this, there are still some aspects that are not entirely clear to you.

More precisely, the doubt that assails you is related to how the Amazon Fire TV Stick turns off , since you have not found any option that will fully satisfy your needs. You don’t have to worry: you are in the right place, as soon I will show you in detail the methods to carry out this operation, which actually may not be so intuitive. I’ll spoil you: there are various possibilities to achieve your goal.

Courage: make yourself comfortable, take a few minutes of free time and dedicate yourself to reading the next paragraphs. I am sure that, by carefully following the instructions I am about to give you, you will identify a procedure that suits your needs. I leave you to all the “tips” of the case: I just have to wish you good reading and have fun with the Amazon Fire TV Stick!


  • Preliminary information
  • Completely turn off the Amazon Fire TV Stick
  • Put the Amazon Fire TV Stick to standby
  • Restart the Amazon Fire TV Stick
  • In case of problems

Preliminary information

Before going into the procedure related to how to turn off the Amazon Fire TV Stick , I think it is important to make some premises.

First, it’s good to tell you: you’re not doing anything wrong. In fact, the integrated operating system, called Fire OS and based on Android, simply has no total shutdown option to allow the device to promptly receive any software updates and be constantly ready for use when the TV is turned on.

In any case, this doesn’t mean that there is some kind of problem: simply, Amazon has gone out of its way to make sure that the user essentially doesn’t even have to think about it. I’ll make it short: the latest models of Amazon’s HDMI dongle are configured right away to interface with the TV.

Let me explain: after performing a quick initial setup and specifying the brand of your TV (usually it is detected automatically), the remote control with integrated Alexa button can also control the TV . Pressing the off button on the top left, in fact, also turns off the TV.

In case the remote control “shutdown” button does not work for your Fire TV Stick, you may want to select the gear icon on the operating system Home screen, go to the Device Control section , select the Device Manager option , move in the TV section and select the Change TV option to try to have it automatically detected by the device. This step is critically important, as it is the right connection between the Fire TV Stick and the TV that makes the physical button workon the remote control. Among other things, in this section you will also find other options related to controlling the TV on / off , so I recommend that you check them out in case the functionality is not doing its job for your TV model.

In other words, as you may have guessed, it is all automatic (with the Fire TV Stick which, however, seems to remain active “behind the scenes”, since turning the TV back on takes you back to the previously opened screen). Having dispelled the main doubt, I understand that this can make your nose turn up a bit. In fact, you might, for example, want to completely turn off the Amazon Fire TV Stick . In this context, you need to know that there are some specific possibilities, as I will explain later in the tutorial.

Completely turn off the Amazon Fire TV Stick

As mentioned in the preliminary chapter, it is not possible to completely turn off the Amazon Fire TV Stick via software, since the only official solutions concern the standby (which consumes little and allows you to have the HDMI dongle always ready to use and updated, so it is convenient to use the device as expected by Amazon, but I understand that this can make your nose turn up a bit).

In this context, a less practical solution to turn off the HDMI dongle, which I recommend that you only consider if you do not intend to use it for a long period of time and assume all the responsibilities of the case, is the “dear old” disconnection of the device from the power outlet . If so, first unplug the Fire TV Stick from the HDMI port on your television , then remove the power adapter from the electrical outlet . If, on the other hand, the device is powered by USB, remove the power cable from the USB port on the TV and that’s it.

If you think the latter is the most suitable solution for your needs but the idea of ​​having to manually unplug the socket does not excite you , you can consider a smart socket that allows you to stop the devices connected to it with the push of a button. , using the appropriate application for smartphones and tablets or, if you have a smart speaker such as Amazon Echo and Google Home, via voice commands. To learn more, you can read my guide on how to control a switch remotely.

Put the Amazon Fire TV Stick to standby

How do you say? Would you like to put the Fire TV Stick on standby , which allows the device to consume less power and shouldn’t cause you too many problems in terms of use? No problem, I’ll tell you how to do it right away.

To do this, just take the Fire TV Stick remote control in your hand , hold down the Home button (the house icon ) for about 2 seconds and select the Standby item , using the remote control selection buttons . At this point, press the central button to confirm your intention and that’s it (you can then reactivate the device by pressing the SELECT button on the remote control, which is always the central one). Alternatively, choose the gear icon present at the top right of the main screen of the Fire TV Stick OS, access the sectionMy Fire TV and select the Standby option . To wake up the Fire TV Stick, all you need to do is use the center button on the remote.

Also, you should know that you can also put the device to sleep using the Amazon Fire TV application for Android and iOS / iPadOS devices . In this case, after downloading the app in question (to do so you may want to consult my guides on how to download applications on Android , how to install apps on HUAWEI for devices without Play Store and how to download apps on iPhone ), start it by tapping on the respective icon (which has the word Fire TV on an orange background ) present on the Home screen or in the app drawer of your device and, if you have not already done so, select your Fire TV Stick, enter the 4-digit code displayed on the TV screen and wait for verification to complete the pairing between your device and the application.

Now, tap on the gear icon located at the top left and press on the Standby item : that’s it. As I explained in detail in my tutorial on how the Amazon Fire TV Stick works, you are just using the mobile device as a remote control , so as you can see the procedure for putting the device in standby is almost identical to the one you can put in place. using the official Fire TV Stick remote.

In any case, for information you should know that the Fire TV Stick also has a screensaver feature that allows you to “pause” the device when it is not in use. To configure this function, just press, starting from the Home screen , on the gear icon at the top right, access the Sound and screen section and select the Screensaver item .

On the page that appears on the screen, then select the options present Screensaver , Slide Style , speed slides and date and clock to customize the screen saver graphic style, while using the voice Start Time and the various options available ( 5 minutes , 10 minutes , 15 minutes and Never ) you can set when to activate the screensaver.

Restart the Amazon Fire TV Stick

If, for example, you are having problems with an application installed on your Fire TV Stick, you should know that you can restart the Amazon Fire TV Stick using a special software function.

All you have to do to carry out this operation is to take the remote control supplied with the Fire TV Stick and move to the gear icon on the Home screen of the device, then selecting the My Fire TV item and choosing the Restart option . Therefore, you just have to confirm your intention by selecting the Reboot item and pressing the central button on the remote control.

In case of problems

If you are having problems with the Fire TV Stick and you just can’t reach your goal even after following the directions in the previous chapters, you may want to try to get help from Amazon customer support to try to fix the problem.

Doing this is very simple: you just need to move to the gear icon on the Home screen of the device and select the Help item . On the page that appears on the screen, select the Contact Us item , choose the Other option and check that the telephone number shown under the item On which number we can call you is correct. Otherwise, select the item Other , type your phone number in the Enter phone number field and press the OK button to book the call.

Alternatively, you can ask for assistance for your Fire TV Stick by following the instructions in my guides on how to contact Amazon and how to be called by Amazon, so that the right experts can help you in your specific case.

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