How to understand that I am on the black list of a particular person?

If you cannot get through to one specific number for several days, the reasons may be different: communication problems, problems on the subscriber’s side and a blacklist. It is impossible to obtain information about blocking a number from a mobile operator, but there are several common signs:

  • Instant number reset. If during a call the call is immediately dropped (and so several times in a row), the calls may be blocked. Most often this is the main sign that your number is in emergency situations.
  • Short beeps indicate that the user is talking to someone. But if they occur constantly, and the user tries to call for a day or several days, it is hardly a question of such a long conversation.
  • Long beeps. Another sign of the blacklist is the usual long beeps. They sound as if the subscriber is simply not picking up the phone, but they can also indicate a blockage. This is done to prevent the user from guessing that his number is on the black list.
  • Some phrases of the answering machine. For example, the message “The subscriber does not answer” may indicate that a number has been added to an emergency situation.

Call from another SIM card

It’s easy to check if a number has been blacklisted. To do this, you need to call the subscriber from another SIM card, for example, from the phone of a friend or family member. If you can get through from him, then you are in an emergency.

Call using the online service

Not everyone may have a second SIM on hand at the right time. Therefore, you can check the blocking of the number using online services for calls over the Internet. Many of them give free minutes (one or more), which is quite enough for a simple check. It is enough to find a suitable service on the Internet, enter the subscriber’s number and make a call.

Enable caller ID

Many smartphones have an anti-caller ID function – Caller ID. It hides the user’s number, and the inscription “Unknown number” will be displayed on the screen of the person he is calling. This means that the blacklist will not be able to work, and the call will reach the addressee. The caller ID function is activated through a mobile operator, but this service is paid.

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