How to properly set up wireless headphones on a smartphone?

How do I set up Bluetooth headphones, change the codec, improve sound quality, and turn on noise canceling? Here are the instructions that will help you flexibly configure your wireless headphones.

Configuring via app

Most of the popular wireless headphone models have their own mobile app. It allows you to activate special functions – from adjusting the equalizer to gesture control.

There may be other functions – their list depends only on the headphone model. For example, the  Soundcore Liberty 3 Pro headphones  can fully adapt to the user’s experience using HearID technology. The sound adapts to the physical capabilities of a person: some frequencies are muted, others rise, which helps to make the sound detailed and multifaceted. Soundcore app will perform all the settings by itself – just take a short test.

Noise suppression

If your Bluetooth device has Active Noise Canceling, you need to activate it. Usually, the manufacturer adds a slider for activation to the branded application, but sometimes there is a physical button or sensor for this on the headphones or case.

Equalizer setting

You can improve the sound and adjust it for yourself through the equalizer. It is usually found in the official app. If not, you can download a third-party program from Google Play and manually change the settings.

Customize gestures and controls

As stated above, most headphones can be customized with gestures and taps. For example, which headphone you need to press to change the track, or how many times you need to press to increase the volume. Changing gestures may be available in the branded application.

Configuring Accessibility

Many of the features are available in the Accessibility section of your phone. In it you can:

  1. Boost sound (function similar to noise canceling).
  2. Enable monaural audio.
  3. Determine which headphone will receive all the sound – right, left or evenly.

Configuring in developer mode

Many features that affect the sound quality of Bluetooth headphones are located in developer mode. To activate it, you must:

  1. Open the “About phone” section.
  2. Press 5-8 times on the assembly number.
  3. Go to the phone settings and select the “For Developers” section.

Here you can change several important parameters, including:

  • Change of Bluetooth AVRCP version. Better to choose the last one available.
  • Choice of sampling rate.
  • Choice of coding bit depth (it is worth choosing 16 or 24 bits).
  • Choice of audio codec. Different codecs are suitable for different models of headphones and smartphones, so it is worth checking everything one by one.

Even if all codecs are listed, most headphones only support 1-2 of them. The rest will not work. But not in the case of  Soundcore Liberty 3 Pro , because these headphones support 3 codecs at once: SBC (universal codec), AAC (codec with “smart” compression technology) and LDAC (codec with maximum audio detail and bitrate up to 990 kbps) …

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