The phone number is out of service – what does it mean?

Why does a message appear that the number does not serve, and what does it mean?

The automatic message “Phone number out of service” is played for several reasons, which depend on the mobile operator. We will tell you why the phone number is out of service, and what it means.

The dialed number is not serviced by MTS

The number service of the mobile operator MTS may be terminated for several reasons.

Voluntary blocking

The subscriber can independently block his SIM-card through the application or the operator’s website, as well as directly through one of the company’s branches. Voluntary blocking is most often used in the following cases:

  • The subscriber has lost his phone or has it stolen. To prevent attackers from gaining access to personal data by users, he needs to quickly block the card.
  • The subscriber temporarily blocked the card for personal needs (for example, went on vacation).

Forced blocking by the operator

MTS itself can block the subscriber’s SIM card if one or more of the following conditions are met:

  • For a long time, the balance has not been repaid.
  • With zero balance, the subscriber has not used the SIM card for 183 days or more.
  • The subscriber did not perform any paid actions with any balance for two to six months, depending on the tariff.

The dialed number is not serviced by MegaFon

MegaFon can also block the phone at the request of the subscriber or forcibly. However, the conditions are slightly different.

Blocking by a subscriber

The MegaFon operator has two types of locks, depending on the reasons:

  1. Blocking due to the loss of a SIM card.
  2. Voluntary blocking for other reasons.

Operator lock

If the subscriber does not use his SIM-card in any way for 3 months, MegaFon starts charging the subscription fee from him. After there are not enough funds on the balance (0 rubles), MegaFon starts counting for another 90 days and then finally blocks the number. Therefore, if the phone number is not serviced by MegaFon, it is possible that the subscriber has not used the SIM card for six months or more.

The number is not serviced on Beeline

Like previous operators, Beeline can stop serving the number either at the request of the subscriber or if the SIM card is not used.

Voluntary blocking

If the subscriber has lost his SIM card, his phone has been stolen, or he just wants to temporarily refuse Beeline services, he can block his number. In this case, anyone who tries to call him will hear the message “The number is not in use.”

Forced blocking

If the subscriber has not activated the SIM card after 180 days of purchase, the operator will block his number. Similarly, after 3 months of non-use of paid services, MegaFon begins to charge a fee, and then the SIM card is blocked.

The number is not serviced on Tele2

In the case of Tele2 operator, the automatic message “Service suspended” will be played in the following situations:

  1. The subscriber himself activated the blocking due to theft, loss of the phone or for other reasons.
  2. The subscriber went on vacation or a trip where the home network is not available (in roaming), and there is no money on his balance. In such a situation, the blocking can be canceled if money appears on the subscriber’s account.
  3. The subscriber does not use Tele2 services, and his account has no money for 180 days. In this case, the number stops being served.
  4. The subscriber uses forwarding to a blocked phone number.

Thus, the message “Phone number is out of service” indicates a temporary or permanent blocking. But the reasons why the number is blocked can be different depending on the cellular operator.

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