Why is the Internet on my phone periodically disconnected?

Reasons and tips for fixing network and mobile internet problems.

If your phone loses internet connection from time to time and then recovers by itself, there are several factors to check.

Poor coverage area

4G or 3G icons may periodically disappear from the status bar on your phone, causing the internet to either become too slow or stop working altogether. This happens if the base towers of cellular operators are too far from the phone, and the device cannot establish a stable connection. On a smartphone, the Internet is periodically disconnected if the user, for example, is out of town (outdoors, on a hike, etc.), on the road, on a train or in other places where communication is often lost.


Various obstacles can interfere with the signal transmission. For example, thick walls and reflective surfaces cause the device to fail to establish a stable connection with the mobile operator. The upper floors of high-rise buildings and basements are also places where the Internet on the phone can periodically disappear. At the same time, many users notice that, for example, in one room of an apartment, the Internet works normally, and in another, it is disconnected and reconnected from time to time.

Unfortunately, these are features of the surrounding space, so it is impossible to fix them without changing the location. Especially if the problem is that the phone does not fall within the range of the operator’s base station.

Operator side problems

It is difficult to find an operator who would offer ideal communication services without complaints from subscribers. Most often, the Internet on the phone periodically disappears precisely because of the work of the mobile operator, its equipment and the location of the towers. Since these reasons are individual (in different regions and regions of Russia there are different locations of towers and different quality of equipment), it is impossible to calculate a “bad” operator – where one works well, the other will work poorly, and vice versa.

As a last resort, if the disconnection of the Internet begins to deliver severe discomfort and appears too often, the subscriber can change the cellular operator while maintaining the phone number.

SIM card problems

An old SIM card, which has served its owner for more than 5 years, can work with flaws : the connection periodically disappears, and with it the Internet connection. This can only be solved by replacing the SIM card with a new one (the number remains the same). For most operators, this service is absolutely free, and you can do it at the nearest communication salon.

Virus programs

Downloaded virus software can artificially restrict the user’s access to the Internet by disabling it and using it for their own needs. You can fix this problem. You need to check your phone with an anti-virus program. If this does not help, you will have to reset the device to factory settings . Along with all the data, the virus will be removed from the phone.

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