How to go viral on Instagram

All the people you know are subscribed to Instagram and, given the general popularity of this social network, you have finally decided to join it too. You have therefore opened a profile and started to take your first steps, posting photos and videos, but after some time you realized that your content did not reach the desired audience and, therefore, you would like to understand how to fix it.

How do you say? That’s how things are and, therefore, you wonder how to go viral on Instagram? If so, don’t worry, I’m here to help. You need to know that there are several strategies you can implement, both free and paid, and today I’m here to illustrate them. Know, however, that there are no “magic recipes” to become famous on the Internet: it always depends on the quality of the content offered and on consistency. Then yes, a bit of luck: that never hurts!

That said, if you can’t wait to take action, get comfortable and try to follow the advice I’m about to give you. With a little patience and perseverance, you could actually succeed in the intent you set out and thus increase your popularity on Instagram. At this point, all I have to do is wish you a good read and, above all, wish you a big good luck for everything!


  • Preliminary information
  • Go viral on Instagram for free
    • Create quality content
    • Get inspired by trends
    • Invite users to interact
    • Use hashtags
    • Share content on other social networks
  • Go viral on paid Instagram

Preliminary information

As already mentioned in the opening bars of this guide, you can go viral on Instagram by using both some zero-cost and paid strategies, using the sponsorship tools offered by the famous photographic social network.

In the first case, by creating quality content and using all the Instagram tools in the best possible way, you can achieve popularity within the social network at no cost; although, of course, it will take a good deal of time, effort and perseverance to achieve noteworthy results.

If, on the other hand, you want to drastically reduce the time to expand your audience, you can resort to the activation of ad units to promote, for a fee, your profile or individual content on it.

The choice of the solution to apply is up to you, since both ways are valid: therefore, in the next chapters of this guide, I will give you several tips on how to go viral on Instagram for free and how to do it for a fee .

Go viral on Instagram for free

Having made the necessary premises, the time has come to enter the practical part of the tutorial. Here, then, are some of the best strategies that – in my humble opinion – you can put into practice to increase the popularity of the content you post on Instagram.

These are, in general, advice regarding the creation of quality content and the need to know all the tools of Instagram in order to reach the public interested in your content. For more information on this, read on.

Create quality content

If you want the content you publish on Instagram to reach virality, you must first create a real editorial strategy relating to the constant publication of high-quality content.

You must, in fact, aim for quality rather than quantity, so that the contents you publish stand out visually within the photographic social network; to do this, you will need to make an economic investment to be used in the purchase of hardware and software to produce higher quality photos and videos.

In fact, the minimum expense that you have to take into account is that of a smartphone with a high-level camera, to be associated with an app for manual control of the shooting parameters (for example Camera FV-5 for Android or Halide for iOS ); moreover, if you have more economic possibilities, you can also consider purchasing a professional camera and / or a GoPro for videos.

Additionally, you may find useful photo editing applications like Snapseed for Android and iOS , VSCO for Android and iOS , or Photoshop or GIMP for computers. If, on the other hand, you need to edit videos , I suggest you use programs like Adobe Premiere Pro for Windows and macOS or Final Cut Pro for macOS. Or, again, you can use video editing apps such as Inshot for Android and iOS oriMovie for iPhone.

Finally, for the creation of the stories , I suggest you use apps for the creation of the same in a more advanced way, such as Insta Story for Android and Made for iOS which provide a series of ready-to-use filters and themes.

Get inspired by trends

An important piece of advice I want to give you, to help you go viral on Instagram is to draw inspiration from the most popular content on the social network , so that you always have the right inspiration for the creation of your content.

Through the Explore section of Instagram, which is accessible via the smartphone app and from a PC (by connecting to the official website or using its application for Windows 10 ), you can easily always have an eye on what are the posts , photos and videos most appreciated by users.

Therefore, after logging into your account , press the magnifying glass icon located at the bottom, if you are using the Instagram app for smartphones. From the web or from Windows 10 , instead, click on the compass icon located in the upper right corner: in this way, you will be able to see all the posts , stories and reels that have ended up in Instagram trends, thanks to their popularity.

Once you have identified the content in line with your editorial strategy, you can draw inspiration from it, to create content on your profile. Obviously you don’t have to copy the formats of others, but you must be inspired by the latter for the creation of new and original content.

Invite users to interact

To go viral it is not enough to limit yourself to the publication of multimedia content, but it is equally necessary to create your own community with which to develop a virtual relationship.

To succeed in this intent, it is essential to know how to best use the Instagram tools that help build loyalty among your audience, inviting them to interact.

When you publish your posts on Instagram, you must in fact remind your followers which are the tools through which they can interact with them, in order to support your work: the likes (the little heart icon ) indicate an appreciation; the comments (the cartoon icon ) are used to develop a relationship with the public, while the saves (the bookmark icon ) and the shares ( the airplane icon ) are used to increase the diffusion of the contents.

Obviously, you must not expect interaction in exchange for nothing: you must set a good example yourself and interact first with the contents of others, in order to be reciprocated.

As for stories , however, the tools that Instagram makes available to stimulate interaction between users are quizzes , surveys , live broadcasts and the possibility of asking and / or receiving questions . Frequently using these tools is the right way to develop a relationship with your community, in order to have a return in terms of popularity.

Use hashtags

To easily reach users interested in your content, you must also use hashtags. They are, in fact, “labels” that are used to categorize content and to help people find those that correspond to their interests.

Instagram allows you to insert up to 30 hashtags in the caption of published posts: however it is important that these are chosen wisely and that their use is aware. The hashtag, in fact, must be relevant with the media, otherwise they could be removed and your Instagram profile may be subject to penalties.

to help you choose the right hashtags I suggest you use online services, such as Top Hashtag and All-Hashtag, or apps like HashTags for Instagram for Android and Top Tags for iOS that you need, precisely to identify the most popular hashtags connected to keywords you are looking for.

Share content on other social networks

To increase the popularity of the content you post and reach a larger audience, I suggest you share it on other social networks, acting through Instagram.

The popular photographic social network allows, in fact, to connect a Facebook page to Instagram, following the transition to a company account.

To switch to a business account, go to the Settings> Accounts> Switch a business account of the Instagram app section. Once this is done, at the end of the configuration, move the lever relating to the publication of Instagram posts and stories to ON also on the Facebook page you just connected.

In addition to Facebook , you can also connect Twitter and Tumblr to Instagram: to do this through the Instagram app for smartphones, go to the Settings> Account> Sharing on other apps section , log in to these social networks and, consequently, activate the publication simultaneous content also on the other profiles connected by you.

Go viral on paid Instagram

Do you want to achieve popularity on Instagram in the shortest possible time? If the answer is yes, I can only advise you to make use of the social network tools that allow paid sponsorship of content.

This possibility is reserved for corporate Instagram accounts and can be used directly through the Promote button in the app of the photographic social network, which allows you to promote both posts and published stories for a fee , so that they are seen by a greater number of users.

If you intend to evaluate this possibility, the cost of which for activation depends on your budget, I suggest you deepen the subject by reading my tutorial on how to sponsor on Instagram.


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