Interior design: how to quickly draw an apartment diagram on a PC

In some cases, the user needs to create an apartment plan with an interior. To draw up a drawing, it is not necessary to hire professionals or contact construction companies. You can draw a diagram of the apartment yourself on a computer.

A plan with dimensions may be required in various situations. For example, when repairing and redevelopment of space, buying new housing or furniture. Modern tools allow you to make high-quality planning in a matter of minutes.

You can use online services or computer software. You can also draw the plan manually on paper. However, without knowledge in drawing, this option may seem difficult, since it is important to correctly maintain the scale on the diagram.

It is best to use special software. Applications will allow you to quickly draw a layout, designate furniture and building structures, and then print the project on a printer.

Before drawing a housing diagram, you need to measure the size of the walls and floor. You can use a regular tape measure, but you can’t get accurate measurements with it. For measurements, the best option would be to buy a laser rangefinder. It can be directed to the wall and get the exact parameters right away. So the measurement of space will take less time.

Then you can start designing the interior. Next, we will explain how to draw a drawing in several ways.

How to draw a plan yourself without installing applications

You can make a drawing without programs. There are two options for this. The first is suitable for people who do not have access to a computer or network. They can create a drawing by hand on paper.

To work, you will need a ruler, a pencil and a checkered sheet. It is best to tear out a page from a regular notebook. A double-sided sheet will allow you to make a plan with a scale of 1:20.

First draw the main shape of the room with dimensions, and then draw the walls and partitions, doors and windows. You can learn more about manual rendering of space here.

You can also create a layout on a PC using online services. You can take advantage of popular platforms and quickly design a space, place furniture and save the result to your hard drive. In the ranking of the best planners from , Remplanner, HomeStyler, Floorplanner resources are the best solutions.

Advantages of creating an apartment layout in the program

Desktop programs are suitable for developing accurate drawings with dimensions. They can perform the following operations:

  • mark windows and doors;
  • place furniture and appliances;
  • create a three-dimensional model of space.

To create a 2D layout and 3D design of an apartment , use the Interior Design 3D computer application. It has a simple Russian-language interface and is suitable for novice users.

How to draw an apartment plan in a computer program Interior Design 3D

To get started, download the software from the link above and install the editor on devices with Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP. Then follow the simple step-by-step instructions, performing the necessary steps.

Step 1. Create a drawing

Launch the software and click “Create Project”. If you have a floor plan, then scan the document and upload it to the editor. In the absence of a picture, draw an apartment from scratch.

Select the Draw Room tool. Click anywhere on the canvas and set the size of the first wall. The length will be displayed as you draw. Then mark the remaining walls and close the outline.

To divide the apartment into rooms, click on “Draw partition”. Divide with the space option.

You can change the surface finish. To do this, select the room and go to the “Properties” tab. In the categories: “Walls”, “Floor”, “Ceiling” specify the texture from the collection. You can also download material from a computer.

Step 2: Add Windows and Doors

Click on the “Add Door” and “Add Window” functions. Choose the right model from the collections: they differ in design and size. Add an element to the scene and place it on the drawing.

You can change the size and appearance of elements. To do this, select a window or door and go to the “Properties” tab. Customize the width, height and finish of the box.

Step 3: Arrange the Furniture

To place interior items, click “Add furniture”. The catalog is divided into several categories:

  • living room,
  • kitchen,
  • bedroom,
  • bathroom and so on.

Pick a suitable item and place it on the floor plan. To change the finish and parameters of an object, open the “Properties” section.

Step 4. Export the result

The final material can be printed on a printer. To do this, click on the “File” menu and then select “Print”. You will be able to transfer a two-dimensional layout and a three-dimensional model to paper. Specify the device, orientation, paper size, and margins.

You also have the opportunity to create a photorealistic image or export the final result as a file in the following formats: PDF, JPG, PNG, BMP. When saved as an image, you can view the file on a PC using dedicated applications.

Article Conclusions

Now you know how to draw an apartment plan yourself. It does not require special skills or education. You can design a room in online services or computer programs.

The desktop software is network independent and will allow you to accurately draw space with dimensions, mark windows and doors, place furniture, and much more. The best program is Interior Design 3D. Download the editor and plan your interior in minutes.

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