Why use Advanced SystemCare Free?

Advanced SystemCare Free is an all in one software that offers IT solutions. Thus, in addition to the basic security and protection services offered, many optimization tools are programmed for the happiness of the users. Here are the reasons why you should use Advanced SystemCare Free.

Cleaning your PC

Advanced SystemCare Free is an excellent cleaning tool for your computer . Indeed, the expert software in IT solutions uses artificial intelligence to free up space and save you time. So you get a personalized schedule to scan and clean up your disk.

These are mostly PC cache memory , junk files and unnecessary registry entries. Also, residues of third-party tools such as software, browsers and Windows support are also analyzed and then cleaned. Advanced SystemCare Free closely monitors the performance indicators provided by your computer and uses your habits to detect problems.

This allows you to fix errors with one click from the software interface .

Speeding up your PC

It is very common to notice slowness in your PC tools . Indeed, errors occur tirelessly in the system and prevent its proper functioning . Most of the time, you have no idea what exactly is causing your computer ‘s slow performance . This may include, among other things:

  • a high number of programs at system startup;
  • applications that require a lot of RAM;
  • a hard drive that requires defragmentation.


Thus, the fault detection system is based on about thirty programs to locate and correct errors after analysis. The most interesting are “ Turbo Boost ” and “ Startup Optimizer ”. The first relieves the RAM by stopping non-essential background processes while the second limits the programs to be launched at startup. You then benefit from a certain fluidity in carrying out your various tasks on your computer .

Data protection

Data protection is one of the functions of Advanced SystemCare Free . Indeed, the software takes care of cleaning up after your visit. Thus, you can delete your connection history or saved passwords. Also, the software allows you to hide your digital footprint on many programs and browsers.

In addition, the security of the Windows system is consolidated by correcting the deficiencies identified. In addition, you benefit from program updates and a service for blocking spyware or suspicious software with regard to your data.

Internet speed optimization

Advanced SystemCare Free offers IT solutions for optimizing your internet speed. Thus, you benefit from the services of a firmware which carries out a diagnosis of your network and its performance . After analysis, the software uses the information collected to intelligently improve the latency time by boosting the necessary bandwidth.

Software update

The expert in computer solutions Advanced SystemCare Free allows you to update your software as well as your drivers. Indeed, it is not uncommon to enjoy a computer with outdated software or hardware drivers not installed. Thus, you have the possibility to directly search for the latest updates from the modern and easy to use interface of Advanced SystemCare Free . In addition, the operation is carried out in a few clicks and allows you to benefit from a high-performance computer with the latest improvements.

Ultimately, there are several reasons to use Advanced SystemCare Free such as cleaning up and speeding up your PC. Also, updates, data protection and optimization of internet speed are all advantages offered by the computer tool.

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